Different styles of upholstered walls

Easy to implement, applicable in all environments, washable and modern, the upholstered walls are an attractive option either to reshape the walls or recycle and change the face of furniture and attractive environments with scraps of fabric wall, then some original ideas and simple with few materials to get the leftovers and give them a new utility.

To make a decorative mural

This is a very versatile decorative appeal to play with the space vertically or horizontally to slice up an area, enlarge or give a particular style. The number of modules is determined according to the wall, the number of bits available and its design. Each section is a styrofoam plate with a thickness of between 1 to 2 inches, which provides a good relief and minimal weight, to apply the fabric swatches, you can apply wallpaper glue eventually be fixed to the wall with tape.

The colors and patterns used in wall coverings are extremely large, just as reupholstering an old armchair that can achieve a different effect, renew wooden furniture using leftover wallpaper can be a rewarding and productive work.

Recycle furniture

To improve and renew the appearance of a dilapidated furniture you can apply a thin layer of glue on the wood paper and one on paper, let stand a minute to coat well and place the piece of paper chosen, place slowly from the center to the ends to prevent lumps or air balloons on the surface, ideal for this task is to help with a canvas and make circular movements. Had a sharp image, center it best agrees on the surface.

Floor lamp

Until more sober design takes center stage with a pattern of bright colors, you can renew a classic chandelier with minimal change. On a cylindrical screen, put the wallpaper on the circumference applying glue only in the meeting point between the two extremes.

From an economical and a simple technique with the use of upholstered walls, it is possible to cover imperfections and even generate a unification between objects of different styles by combining patterns and colors, creating unique environments in this way and with a highly original design where you are partakers of this charming decor.