Cleaning walls of different materials

When we manage to perform various tasks of cleaning walls in the house, we focus on the most obvious and we can overlook areas, still just as important, do not require such frequent maintenance. But that does not mean there is not clean. A clear example is the walls. As also they can be of very different materials appropriate to clarify how it should be maintained in each case.

bathroom cleaning tips for the eager and reluctant Kings and Queens of the loo

Let’s start with the painted designs, the most common in cleaning walls. First you have to proceed to remove dust with a duster, cloth or the vacuum cleaner . Looking at the touch of furniture brands originated with an eraser is usually enough to make them disappear.

It is the time of cleaning walls with a solution of warm water with a few drops of a mild liquid soap. The content of the cube immediately change the water is dirty, but churretones appear on the walls. It rubs gently and it is preferable to make the entire wall in one sitting. If we break, you can be drying marks.

In the case of cleaning walls with tiles, check that they have not appeared fungus on their boards. To remove the bleach is one of the most useful products. The vinegar dissolved in water, meanwhile, left bright and spotless tiles.

The walls covered with wooden panels suffer from excessive dust and wax. The solution is to scrub lightly with steel wool and lowered alcohol. Always follow the direction of the grain.