How to Clean Dirty Shutters and Encrusted blinds

One of the home jobs that costs the most to carry out inside our home is to clean the window blinds. It gives a lot of laziness and is usually left for good weather, but there is no choice but to do so from time to time.

It is true that the more you leave it worse, since the dirt is incrusted and creates a yellowish crust that changes the color of the slats and is more difficult to remove manually, in this case you probably need to hire cleaning blinds at home.

Products for cleaning exterior and interior blinds

The steps to clean heavily soiled blinds are simple:

It aspirates the dust adhered to the slats and uses a vacuum cleaner to go softening the dirt. If you do not have vacuum cleaner you will have to wet them several times with hot water and wait for it to soften.

Mix water with vinegar, soap or ammonia and rub it with a cloth or brush if necessary again and again until it become shiny.

Products for cleaning exterior and interior blinds

Depending on the material with which the blinds are made, you must use some products or others, we will now see which to use in each case.

In addition you have to take into account that blinds that are kept outside under the inclement weather are more exposed to pick up dirt and deterioration of the same, however those that are in the interior are much easier to clean since they mainly have dust.

Cleaning wooden blinds (Venetian, Alicante etc)

Normally if they are wooden they are inside, so with a cleaning product of wood and a wipe you can clean them without problem.

Do not use water as the wood absorbs it and can deform or bulge the lamas, at most a damp cloth.

Clean plastic or PVC blinds (white or other colors): they are the most installed for exterior windows of houses.

Depending on the dirt you will need more or less tools

If they are slightly dirty clean them with a liquid cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth you have it done, on the contrary if they are very dirty you will need water with soap, vinegar or ammonia, a scourer, a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

Clean aluminum or metal shutters

You find them both inside and outside, so use the same products we have said above depending on where they are.

How to clean blinds on the outside without disassembling?

For some people cleaning the house blinds has become a risky sport, not to joke, you see people who pull half body out of the window to carry out the cleaning.

There are simpler methods, comfortable and whose result is much better, we will see the steps to clean rolling shutters.

Pull the ribbon that raises the blind until it is at the top, then open the lid of the drawer in which it is housed. Inside you will see the rolled blind with the side facing the street facing you.

Grab a bucket and mix water and soap (dishwasher detergent costs). Wet a sponge in the liquid and begin to rub the visible part of the shade.

Unroll the blind a little until the part you have cleaned disappears and cleans the next turn.
Repeat the process over and over until the entire blind is clean, by then you have unrolled it completely.

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