Carrefour 2015 Christmas Ornaments

Have not you decorated your home still ahead of Christmas? Well, if the reason is that you have not yet done with the decorations you need, then you better not miss anything of what we tell you then, because we are speaking about a complete catalog where you will find everything you need to decorate your home for this time of year.

We are referring to Navidear, the brochure Carrefour has launched proposals to show their holiday home. For the French company, Navidear is “decorate to the tone of your neighbor.” Would you like to discover more details? Well then you can not miss anything of what we tell you then!

As an expat-friendly shopping chain, Carrefour offers a wide selection of fake trees, wreaths and Christmas decorations

Christmas trees

How could it be otherwise, the first thing we see in the catalog of Christmas Ornaments focused on the Christmas decorations of Carrefour are among the Christmas trees that the company proposes. As you can see yourself in the gallery that we offer in the end, all its proposals are artificial, while it is true that we can find trees that seem authentic. It is important to note that the variety is huge and can find up white trees. You can get one from 21.90 euros. Of course, the company also proposes LED tube lights and garlands of lights (there are also LED) to brighten the tree, along with quilts.

Tree ornaments and other household areas

Carrefour also offers numerous options for decorating the tree and other areas of the home. Of course, there are some colors that have more importance than others. Thus, the company offers a lot of proposals for our Christmas is red or, conversely, golden, albeit with elements in silver and white. As you see, they are very clear what are the colors stars of this season. Among the decorations proposed are garlands of dolls, wicker hearts, balls, tinsel, snowflakes, candle light, trees, table candle holders, Advent calendars … Of course, how could it be otherwise, in the catalog Carrefour we can find everything you need to mount Bethlehem.

Decorate the table for Christmas

The French company has very clear how important it is to decorate the table during Christmas, so offers us everything needed for the result to be elegant and, of course, very Christmassy. Thus, in the catalog you will find champagne glasses, napkins, plates, saucers, table runners, tablecloths, poinsettias, cushions for chairs … Best of all, you also consider how heavy it is washed so many dishes and glasses and propose a lot of disposable products: glasses, plates, tablecloths … As for colors, predominantly red, gold and white.

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Crafts for Christmas

As if what you just told that was not enough, in its new catalog Carrefour also invites us to invent, paste, cut, imagine … In short, the company offers everything needed to make crafts and so to make our own Christmas decorations. Thus, we find craft kits, bags with adhesive forms, boxes of clay, glue, spray snow, window film … Here we leave our gallery where you’ll find the catalog that Carrefour has launched to show their proposals to decorate the home Christmas. Before, if you want, you can have a look at the video that the company has prepared to tell us how to decorate the tree in gold and silver. Best of all is that in his Youtube channel give many more ideas for this time of year.