The best trick to clean stainless steel

Stainless steel products surround our lives, being present in all types of rooms and objects. One of its most outstanding qualities is that it is very easy to maintain. This does not mean that you do not need regular care. The more we hit the way to clean the stainless steel, the more we ensure its duration.

A person cleaning the kitchen sink with a glove The plates and utensils must be cleaned right after we use

In addition to the specific products that are marketed for cleaning stainless steel, there are some simple tricks that can make this task much easier. We must start from the idea that, although the denomination of this particular alloy, which is defined as “stainless”, it is not completely true that it is outside the problem of oxidation. What happens is that in no case that layer would pass from the most superficial layer.

But, let’s get down to work, let’s see how to proceed to clean any stainless steel object correctly and effectively. We will start by picking up a soft cloth or cloth. It is important to make sure that you do not have any residue that could scratch the surface to be cleaned.

One of the most traditional tricks is to use ash powder to rub steel objects. Although it may surprise, the result of this maneuver is impeccable. To work this idea better, the ash will be mixed with a little oil. After rubbing the mixture all over the surface, we can use some alcohol to remove the ash and bring out the luster. Lemon juice is also an excellent rinse aid for stainless steel.