Green Roof for Energy Saving

A green roof or terrace living, growing plant is a layer on the roof of a house or building.The green roofs have many benefits, provide shade and remove heat from the air through evapotranspiration, reducing the surface temperature of the roof and the surrounding air.

On hot summer days, the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature, while the surface of a common roof can have more than 50 degree heat.

The advantage that the green roof is that you can perform in many types of buildings or homes. They are made with a durable cover 6 cm or even to possess a garden tree.

More and more are the cities of the world that have green roofs in the main urban areas because in addition to the aforementioned benefits, living terraces offer:

Green roof to reduce the surface temperature of the roof and the surrounding air

  • A considerable reduction of energy consumption
  • Green roofs absorb heat and act as insulation for buildings, provide cooling and heating.

Also generate a decrease in air pollution and emissions of gases that generate greenhouse. In this way green roofs improve the health of people, but also offer high comfort because impair the heat transfer through the ceiling of the building.

Another detail is that the living terraces can reduce and slow stormwater runoff in the urban environment, and also filter pollutants found in rainwater. Besides that green roofs can provide aesthetic value and even a habitat for many animal species.

Green roof to reduce energy consumption

While maintenance is much cheaper than traditional roofs raising the benefits and savings that makes green roof offer worthwhile investing in them.

Eventually, the installation of green roof ends up being more profitable and favorable than traditional roofs for its countless benefits, both economic and ecological.