Bamboo Furniture: The ecofriendly and perfect alternative for your home

Have you heard of bamboo furniture? They are in full trend, and it is not for less, since it is one of the best natural materials that is revolutionizing the decorative landscape and the most functional interior design.

There are so many brands who offers you various products made with this revolutionary natural product, in order to offer you maximum comfort in your home and cover all your needs, taking care of and protecting the environment.

The furniture cane bamboo are trend in decoration. They fit elegantly anywhere and are the perfect complement to a house

Advantages and guarantees of bamboo Furniture:

Versatility : Bamboo is a comfortable and functional material , so it serves to make a multitude of products and furniture for practically any area of ​​our home.

Ecofriendly: Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that, unlike hardwoods, can be harvested year after year without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Without a doubt, an environmentally friendly product perfect to include in your home.

Durability : It is a very strong material capable of withstanding daily wear and tear without it practically making an impression on its fibers or surface. In fact, it is much more resistant than traditional woods since it does not swell with water or shrink under adverse weather conditions.

The bamboo is one of the important materials for interior decoration and home decoration. Whether of furniture living or furniture office

Appearance and natural beauty : Bamboo has a fine grain that transmits elegance and lightness, perfect characteristics to create an atmosphere of relaxation and calm in our home.

Very resistant : Did you know that bamboo is stronger than many types of steel? In fact, the city of Hong Kong uses what are known as ” taap pang” or in other words, bamboo scaffolding, since they are more resistant and stable than metal scaffolding. The strength and resistance of this plant is incredible, and also, thanks to the lamination, it has an amazing ability to avoid scratches and dents.

5 reasons that will make you use bamboo furniture in summer

1. RESISTANCE:  Bamboo Furniture is a super resistant material. Its degree of resistance is compared even with metal. In some parts of the planet they use it to make floors, bridges and even houses. Its high degree of resistance makes it an ideal material to withstand large kilos of weight and much use, whether in your living rooms, dining rooms, chill out areas …

2. ESTHETICS: summer is related to the beach, nature, relaxation, travel … no matter the type of outdoor decoration you have, bamboo, thanks to its 4 types of finishes (vertical natural, vertical tan, horizontal natural, horizontal tan ) fully adapts to your outdoor decoration, providing the ideal place in the house in summer to connect with nature, feel traveling on another continent or enjoy the absolute Zen state. All this without losing the modern and aesthetic touch of a house!

bamboo wood furniture arrives to complement our decoration with lightness, design and adaptability

3. ENVIRONMENT: Bamboo is a natural, renewable and abundant resource that is harvested throughout the year. When cutting the bamboo poles, what you do is just prune it. From the same pruned strain, new canes will sprout every year, keeping the resource always available. A tree, to use its wood for furniture, is cut and dies, while bamboo continues to sprout for up to more than a hundred years in the same place. If in your day to day you are careful with the environment, you are concerned and you do everything possible to preserve it and take care of it, you cannot fail in your decoration either.

4. MAINTENANCE: bamboo, being a natural material, is ideal for outdoors such as gardens, patios and terraces. Easy to maintain thanks to sprays and various products. Except for other furniture, its weight is nil, which makes it very easy to put it on, take it off or move it from one place to another on the outside of your house, without the need for much time and people.

5. ADDED VALUE: bamboo symbolizes serenity, modesty, longevity, peace, humility and elegance. It has an added value and it is related to happiness and luck. Currently, we live in a constant rhythm of life in which happiness is brought to moments and luck is said to be for a few, what better than to create an ideal feng shui place to take care of outside your home and attract luck for you and your family.

Everyone talks about bamboo furniture as the fashion trend in decoration in summer. What are you waiting for to get your bamboo furniture? The perfect alternative to take care of the environment and invest in quality at affordable prices.

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