Apartment Decorating Ideas

Most of the home decor magazines focus on large spaces, entrances and homes with offices, formal dining areas and master bedrooms. Space is what is missing from most living in apartments. Creating a beautiful and functional home in the small space offered by most of the departments can be a challenge.

But with effort and forecast your department can work and look good, it can always happen and when you use apartment decorating ideas. One of the major considerations of an apartment or other small space is to make the space functional.

Many departments consist of one large room that serves as kitchen, dining area and living room. You may also need this room functions as workspace, office or craft room. Choose smaller scale multifunctional furniture. Find a coffee table or ottoman with storage, side tables can hide boxes of files or storing magazines and books.

Many departments consist of one large room that serves as kitchen

It is also important to put a beautiful open shelves for kitchen items and office supplies.

White Walls

To decorate a department should properly take into account the space you have. Personally I recommend that all the walls of your small apartment should be paint white because it is a color that help visually expand the space.

White is highly recommended because it gives the space a touch of elegance, cleanliness and helps reflect natural or artificial light. To spice up the white walls it is very important to put artwork all around. This will add color and a personal touch to your apartment. You could hang a painting or photographs, or any other kind of art that appeals to you.

Also use cloth, tacked near the ceiling to add color to your walls are painted white.

In windows you should hang curtains high and always choose curtains that reach the floor, the color of the curtains should be clear and combine with all the decor.

beautiful open shelves for kitchen items and office supplies

Arrange the Furniture

Creating an arrangement of furniture in your apartment is a key to your apartment is comfortable to live steps. You should consider traffic patterns and make sure there is a way to walk between the doors and through the quarter.

Arrange your living room so that it is comfortable for conversation. A small sofa and two occasional chairs are a good choice for the living room of an apartment. Put a small desk in a corner if needed. Make a table or shelving unit near the door for your keys, bags and daily necessities.

Choose smaller scale multifunctional furniture


Add color and personality to household accessories. Search lamps, drapes, cushions and tablecloths that give your own style to your department. Use rugs that complement your furniture and accessories to delineate spaces in your apartment. Considers accommodate furniture your living room around a rug and your room or office near another.


This point is key to your apartment to look elegant, neat, cozy, clean and well decorated throughout. What I recommend is natural lighting, for it is very important that the department has large windows that facilitate you take the light of nature.

small apartment should be paint white because it is a color that help visually expand the space

But if you cannot take advantage of natural light do not worry, you have to do is to place beautiful photos embedded in the ceiling.

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