Advantages of Resin Shower Trays

Are you thinking of changing the shower tray ? In that case you may be interested in buying a resin , as it is a substance full of advantages. They are an increasingly popular alternative to acrylics, porcelain or steel. Of course, you have to walk with feet of lead because there may be important differences between the resin shower trays that are marketed today.


They have nothing to do with porcelain or steel. The feel of the feet is warm , so you do not get that unpleasant feeling of entering the shower and wanting to get hot water.

Top Benefits of a Shower Tray for Your Bathroom


If the dish is especially large, you will appreciate the fact that it transmits stiffness. Until recently that was something only porcelain could offer, but the resin has become the best ally of those who hate the feeling of fragility and instability when walking on a shower tray.


The resin has impermeable qualities, so it complies with note. Of course, be sure to seal the joints well to avoid problems, otherwise it will not do anything to make the material impermeable. Today, thanks to the manufacture of custom shower trays , it is very likely that you do not have to resort to joints.


Undoubtedly, it is the aspect that most value consumers when making a purchase decision. No one wants to slip , so manufacturers have worked hard in this regard. The resin has proven to be even above other materials as far as non-skid qualities are concerned.

Easy to clean

The maintenance is not a headache when the shower is made of resin. It tolerates almost all the products of cleaning of the market, although one always has to take a look at the recommendations of the manufacturer to avoid dislikes.

The Advantages Of Having Shower Trays

It is ok that resin is a very functional option, but what about aesthetics? Only good things. They are sold in a good number of colors and you have to celebrate the great variety of textures available , such as slate, stone or the typical smooth finish. There are also extravagant designs, so the possibilities are almost endless.


At this point there is no professional who has not touched a resin shower tray. Everyone is amazed at the facilities they offer when it comes to installing them, so much so that even a private individual with some skill could be encouraged. It helps a lot that they already come with the slopes that carry the water directly to the drain.



That people want to change from bathtub to shower tray usually responds to a need: to facilitate access to shower space. The resin is the star material in that sense, since we are talking about 3 or 4 centimeters in thickness. Other materials move between 8 and 13 centimeters.

Value for money

As always, there are more good resin shower trays and not so good resin shower trays. The customer must choose according to his budget, but in general terms we can say that they are marketed at very competitive prices. For just over 100 euros you can have the most basic, although one of quality exceeds 200 euros easily.

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