Advantages Of Having Solar Panels In Your Housing

One of the most recommended practices to take advantage of the energy of the Sun is the installation of alternative natural methods and respectful with the Environment. We are talking about solar panels, a system that is becoming more common in homes as a way to save money.

Why choose solar panels for the home?

Although, a priori, the installation of a solar energy system at home can be somewhat complicated and expensive, the truth is that, due to all the energy you receive from the Sun, take advantage of it through solar panels, in the long term, It can not be great benefits.

The use of the Sun, can also be of two types, with photovoltaic panels , which take advantage of the sun’s radiation to generate electricity and solar thermal, to obtain heat. Depending on the purpose you want to achieve, you can choose to have one or another type at home.

A solar panel is a set of photovoltaic modules that are mounted on a support structure, and that are electrically connected.

Benefits of solar panels in homes

While it is true that it is a somewhat more complex than taking us to the general electricity in the long run the advantages of placing solar panels come to light incipiently process.

Having this type of installation at home translates into a reduction in the energy you consume, in addition to paying less in the monthly bill of electricity or gas, a subject much commented on by the price rise that usually appears every so often.

On the other hand, the use of solar thermal panels will also help you to produce hot water without having to contract the gas to an external company and be able to bring your own rhythm of spending and general consumption.

The great advantage that you see in the photovoltaic panels, on the other hand, is that, to operate all the domestic appliances , for example, you will need less energy from the network and, therefore, the lower the invoice to be paid at the end of each period.

Or if no electric pole arrives at your field house, photovoltaic solar energy with batteries is a very good option. And, if you launch into the total vanguard of sustainable consciousness, if you have an electric car, you can charge the battery and save on fuel as well.

In addition, you can also be attentive to the aid that, increasingly, comes out in each regional government to encourage the installation and use of solar panels to reduce the consumption of energy not friendly to the environment.

Considerations before installing a solar panel at home

This will depend on your location’s solar radiation and hours of sunlight in the area. If you live in an optimal area, you will not have problems to get a solar energy system. ​In addition, in its installation, you must orient the panels to the south to capture the maximum possible solar radiation and take into account the inclination of the same, around 18º over the geographical latitude.

These systems have a useful life of around 25 years, which, although you think it has a high cost, you will be amortizing its value from the seventh year of installation.