Advantages of canapes for Space saving and Elegance

Efficient storage, use of space, elegance. These are some of the advantages of having a storage base at home. They are usually found under the beds but can also be placed under a sofa or chaise longue ; where it will be very practical and useful to keep at it all you do not know well where to locate but not want to leave too ways away. Then we know a little better this type of furniture you explain what are the advantages for you to decide if you want to incorporate it into your home furniture

How To Make Canapes Base Advantages


A storage base serves as support for all types of mattresses. When stored under the bed and a cabin closed all you goals inside is clean and not stained dust as if you left between the mattress and loose soil or in normal cases that are not so tight. It opens and closes easily and you can achieve everything that is with a simple movement. Usually go directly to the ground we also avoid dust from accumulating under the bed. All advantages!

Space saving

If your apartment is small and, specifically, your bedroom, get this solution to store a lot of things in space that normally is wasted . You can save, sheets, blankets, towels, other seasons, shoes or whatever you need to keep orderly, nor daily use. Those square meters you will come great for keeping your home organized and have more room for other things . Also, you can include in modules separators to differentiate and maintain orderly inside the cabinet. Some ornot have drawers on the sides for more comfort you access to what you will use most often. Of course, for this type you need more room on the sides to open so just are not as convenient as opening up regarding the use of space.

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Elegance and resistance

The canapes perfectly fit the decor of your home and provide much distinction to stay as if made ​​of wood or upholstered can help you decorate the room at the same time fulfill their practical function. Its structure to the ground is typical of modern bedrooms and elegant. In addition, they are very strong and endure a lot of weight so you’ll have no problem putting them under the bed or on a couch.


The canapes are perforated and if we add a mattress with sheets, for example, will be promoting the creation of an air space between the couch and mattress so both bed elements are ventilated and no possibility of arising humidity causing the appearance of mites.


The sofa opens easily . Those who have hydraulic systems are even more comfortable, because the mattress and bed frame are raised without force and easily and safely.

Other benefits of the folding couches

Finally, these folding couches also have other benefits for the home such as his great ability to adapt to almost any type of bed as style, colors, shapes … as there are many alternatives on the market; its price, which is not very high given all the advantages and benefits offered; and long service life, since become durable furniture with good grips, opening systems and materials that make it have a practical storage system for a long, long time.

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