8 great ideas on how to decorate your house

The halogen light illuminates in a warm and elegant way, but like the incandescent light it is of high consumption and generates heat
You have a new house and now you want to give color and life to your spaces, the first thing you should know what is the ideal finish for each of the environments, so we want to give you eight options of how to decorate your house by coloring the walls of each one of them. your environments Keep reading!

The satin finish is super washable, it is recommended for outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies, also for environments that have more humidity as the laundry area, the kitchen or even the bathroom are what you have with a coating completely with ceramic or porcelain. This type of painting is very practical for areas with high traffic such as corridors and stairs, even for children’s rooms, you can clean dirty hands that they leave on the walls.

The matte finish is much more decorative, the walls are more elegant and sober, if you want an impeccable wall in your finish, an expert will paste it with plaster and then paint it with a matte paint, the result will be a smooth and neat finish ; Perfect for the main room and dining room. Find the painting with the finish that you like and encourage you to fill your house with color!


We always hear too much information on how to light a house, there are several types of light that you must take into account when decorating your house and these are fluorescent, savers, LED, incandescent and halogen.

Fluorescent light is always shown inside a glass tube, is low energy and has many hours of life, often used industrially but are also very functional, these lights can be used in a parking lot, kitchen or laundry. The saving light bulbs , as the name says, are economical and also consume little energy, if you dare to use them we recommend that it be inside ceiling lights or large lamps as to hide a little the bulb, since they have limited design options.

LED bulbs are low consumption and do not generate heat, although they demand a greater investment, but you will see a substantial saving in your monthly energy consumption and you will also collaborate with our planet. We recommend this type of light for those areas that are constantly trafficked, such as corridors, bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, even children’s rooms.

Incandescent bulbs are those that have been known for a long time, these are usually quite cheap and if you buy the warm light you will achieve a very cozy atmosphere, the only drawback is that they heat up a lot and consume more energy than other luminaries.

The halogen light illuminates in a warm and elegant way, but like the incandescent light it is of high consumption and generates heat. This type of light we recommend it for the social areas of the house as the main room or if you have a bar, it is the ideal; Lighting a wall with halogen light is excellent for highlighting a texture, a wallpaper or pictures will look great.