8 common plants that could kill your dog

Always glad to see you, come to greet you as fast as you can, give you all your love without conditions, what is it? A clue, when he sees you, moves his tail very fast because of the emotion. It’s your dearest dog, of course! Nobody welcomes you with greater joy, no one knows how to listen to you when you’ve had a bad day, nothing encourages you more than their jumps and pirouettes when you need to feel good.

To give back everything he does for you, you give him all possible pampering, without a doubt it’s your right eye. It has its comfortable bed, you buy the healthiest food, the most delicious treats, the funniest toys and, of course, you give all your love and love. Your greatest desire is to be really happy by your side, but, perhaps there is in your house or in the places where you walk something very dangerous for your best friend and in what you had not repaired. Its appearance is completely harmless, but can be harmful to the health of your four-legged companion.

8 common plants that could kill your dog

We are talking about well-known plants that you are likely to have at home or on your own street and that can be seriously damaging to any dog. But do not worry, then, we reveal what are the most poisonous plants that you should keep away from your pet’s reach. Keep reading and keep your dog safe!

Toxic plants for your dog
1. Oleander

A typical flower of Andalusia, which grows everywhere, and which, despite its beauty, has disastrous effects on the health of dogs. Its intake can slow the pulse, cause severe vomiting and can be fatal.

2. Azalea

The intake of a few leaves of azalea can cause your dog diarrhea and vomiting. In addition, it requires veterinary attention because, if not received, this plant can cause your pet to go into a coma and die.

3. Lilacs

For its colors and beauty, lilacs are often used to decorate gardens and terraces, both private and in public spaces. These are toxic to dogs that, when consumed, may experience stomach pains, tremors and even depression.

4. Daffodils

This flower contains liquorine, a toxic component that can lead to death if consumed in high quantities. If your dog has eaten narcissus, take it to the veterinarian, as it may suffer from vomiting, convulsions and cardiac complications such as arrhythmias.

5. Sago palm

The sago palm, present in many parks and public roads can lead to death because it generates serious liver failure, vomiting and blood in the stool if its leaves or seeds are ingested.

6. Tulips

The most poisonous part of tulips are their bulbs, if your dog eats them, his mouth and esophagus can become irritated, causing excessive drooling, diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, pay close attention to not digging up the bulbs and eating them!

7. Aloe Vera

Although aloe vera has many beneficial properties for humans, especially for the care of our skin, it is poisonous for dogs and cats. If ingested, our pets may experience diarrhea, spasms, changes in the color of urine and depression.

8. Dieffenbachia

Extremely toxic latex circulates inside the known decorative plant. Already with simple contact with your dog, the dibenfaquia can cause skin irritation and blisters, while if swallowed, your pet can suffer breathing difficulties.

Plants and flowers give color and joy to our lives but, as we have seen in this post, they can also be harmful to our favorite pet. Therefore, keep flowers at home that are not toxic to your dog or make sure that the pots are in a place that they can not access in any way. At the same time, make sure you do not eat any harmful plant when you are out for a walk. Do you have a precious dog that you love with all your soul? What is your name? Which breed is it? Or maybe you’re more of cats? Tell us all about your pet in the comments.