12 safety devices for a house with children

Safety accessories for the house are essential when you have a baby. Domestic accidents are frequent among the smallest, and to avoid scares , it is advisable to protect them as much as possible.

Classics like the bed rail or plug covers are really basic , as babies move around a lot, and as they get older they want to touch and explore everything. But even other products, such as countertop protectors, are very useful to prevent an oversight of ours from having undesirable consequences.

Classics like the bed rail or plug covers are really basic

In the market there are more and more safety devices that make it easy for us to make our house an almost 100% safe space . Do you want to know what are the 12 most necessary safety devices?

  1. Barriers to the bed: they are installed on the sides of the bed to prevent the child from falling at night.
  2. Barriers for doors and stairs: they block the entrance of the little ones to rooms with dangerous objects and their passage to the stairs .
  3. Plug protectors : prevent children from sticking their fingers or other objects into the plugs.
  4. Safety locks: prevent a child from opening doors or windows.
  5. Shock absorber for doors : this I would have loved to have it in my house! that I still see stars when I remember my little threshed fingers with the door. With shock absorbers, you avoid a lot of pain, as well as getting them locked up in a room.
  6. Corner protectors : children crash, fall , bump … putting silicone pieces to cover dangerous corners of furniture makes falls more bearable.
  7. Countertop protector: acts as a protective barrier, preventing your child from burning with the stove.
  8. Tablecloths : they fix the tablecloth to the table to prevent the child from pulling it and falling all over it.
  9. Refrigerator lock : it is placed on the door to prevent it from being opened.
  10. Non-slip bathtub : it prevents the child from slipping when you are bathing it.
  11. Locks for toilets : prevents the toilet lid from opening, preventing possible and dangerous falls.
  12. Protection barriers and alarm systems for swimming pools : if you have a swimming pool at home it is essential to have it with a closed barrier, and it is very convenient for an alarm to go off if someone enters the premises without having deactivated it.

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