Wedding Decoration ideas: No longer need for Event manager for your Party

The day of the wedding is one of the most beautiful and expected days for lovers. It is a unique day and everything should be perfect . For this, all aspects are taken into account and one of the most important is the decoration of it. The day of the wedding, is a day that will be remembered throughout life and that, in addition, there will be a good amount of photos that will be responsible for reminding you. If you still do not know how to decorate it, we will show you some decorating ideas for your wedding so that it can look like no other wedding has done before.

Decoration for the wedding: The details are important

The small details are often the most remembered and attract the attention of weddings. We are sure everyone expects ornaments with flowers and lots of music, so we recommend that you focus on some special details.

Decoration ideas for your wedding

How about making a mural with the photos of the couple with the guests at the table? All those photos that you have been doing with your friends, over the years, is a good opportunity to reveal them and decorate a wall of the restaurant with them, in this way, you will be able to relive memories that had been forgotten and make the celebration be more of all.

On the other hand, a trolley with jellybeans , sure that catches the attention of the smallest, but also of the most adults. These jellybeans, are perfect for snacks when accompanied by hunger or to whet appetite before dinner, no one bitter a sweet.

The wedding photocall

One of the aspects that triumphs most in weddings is the photocall. Preparing a photocall is easy and cheap . For this, you will only have to have some items with which the guests can look unique in a photo. Snacks with funny words, joke mustaches, paper glasses, party caps … in short, a whole series of items that alone, give a lot of play, accompanied by a reserved where you can take all the photos what you want, facing the memory.

Prepare a game at lunch or dinner

Another way to make a wedding is much more fun, is to prepare a game within it . This is quite simple and causes great expectation on the part of the guests, as well as being able to entertain the smallest attendees for much longer.

How about preparing a giant puzzle and giving a part of it to each guest? With an initiative like this, each guest will have to contribute their bit to achieve a common good, the one that completes the picture. To encourage them to finish this task, you can motivate them with some reward , such as the free bar that is about to arrive once the celebration is over.

Thanks to these small initiatives, without a doubt the wedding will be much more fun.

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