There are times when no specific time, season or holiday is necessary to materialize a modification in the home decoration. You want a change because yes, and far from wall decoration , we want to materialize it in some element of our home that we have not yet subjected to change. Today it’s time to talk about the windows and we want to present you a couple of options to carry out the decoration of your windows while you change their appearance and fill them with life. We talk about vinyl and decorative glass for windows, so that you can choose among these modalities which one best suits the result and specific need you want to obtain. Come on let’s get started!

Decorative vinyls

Decorative vinyls are undoubtedly one of the most popular options today. And it is not surprising, since its incredible prices, easy installation and that offer the possibility of doing without them or giving way to another model sporting a new look, gives our home an extra set that offers our windows a lot versatility.

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Enjoy the changes in record time

A little patience and a good hand will be more than enough to achieve great results with the new decoration of the windows of your windows. Depending on the surface to be covered, materializing its placement will be a matter of investing what it takes to have a coffee.

You will find designs for all tastes

From the most storied to the most minimalist and simple, there is a wide variety of decorative vinyl for windows in general on the market , covering all decorative tastes and styles. Acid vinyls that allow light to pass through but interrupt visibility through them to gain privacy, simple and careful details that will give a different and original touch to your room, models that are capable of imitating textures or specific materials.

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Easy placement

Dressing the windows with vinyls, in addition to being quick, does not require having to resort to specialized labor. You will need little and you will have to take into account to get to it. Make sure the crystals are clean before starting, get some scissors, a cutter, a pencil or marker (depending on the material and color of the vinyl you are going to place) and a dry cloth to put pressure on the surface, thus eliminating the air that may remain between the material and the glass . And that’s it? You may wonder. Well yes, as simple as that! Practice, patience and good good will do the rest for you to look great.

Decorative glass for windows

Every day the idea of ​​being able to distinguish between vinyl and decorative window glass is less obvious. Techniques change, results in terms of finishes improve, and many times distinguishing between the two requires being close to the surface to differentiate them. However, no one doubts that being in front of a glass decorated through its own composition or manually modified on its surface, presents results that are as handcrafted as they are cared for that do not go unnoticed before our eyes.

Visual and careful results

When it comes to hand painted crystals, there is no technique that can shade them. And it is that the results obtained after carrying out a job of such care and dedication, makes the results speak for themselves. Obviously, the time to materialize such a finish will require many hours of painstaking craftsmanship, so comparing one technique with another when obtaining a result of great sensitivity and beauty is pure fiction .

Changes for life

That if, after the materialization of a work like this, I think that I do not even have to tell you that the modification of the surfaces whether the composition of the material itself is modified (if we change it color, for example) or if it is painted or sculpted its surface is for life. So it will be very important that you are clear from the beginning what type of modifications you are going to make effective and in what dimension and quantity . And it is that you will have to live with them for centuries and centuries, and that, depending on your lifestyle and tastes, may fit you perfectly or not quite square.

Which one to keep?

Both are original and visual ideas to decorate your windows , but without a doubt, there are clear and notable differences between the two. While the use of vinyls allows you to spend little time and money in placing them yourself, decorative window panes represent an investment in these same two factors to consider, in addition to having to have specialized labor to carry out the work . The first option will also allow you to change the aspect surfaces whenever you feel like it. The decorative crystals will require a change of the entire piece to change its aesthetics.

Without a doubt an application a matter of taste, sensitivity and lifestyle. Betting on one option or another only depends on you, so… what are you waiting for to start incorporating decorative window glass in your home?

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