We would all like to recover the money we invest in a piece of furniture, but unfortunately things lose value over the years
The furniture ages and there comes a time when we get tired of them and we want to replace them. That is when we have some doubts about what to do to leave space at home. Do we throw them away, give them away or sell them? If you opt for this last option, you should know that to get a good amount of money you will have to follow a series of tips like the ones I share in this article. Do you want to meet them? Let’s go there!

Take quality photos

I do not tell you that you have to take out the tripod and start taking pictures like a true professional, but think that with some good photos your chances of selling any piece of furniture will be multiplied, however expensive. Also, do not forget that you have to take pictures from various angles so that those interested can see what state the product is in. On the other hand, unlike what you might think, it is advisable that the furniture you are going to sell appear alone, without decorative objects that can distract the attention of whoever is looking at the photo. Think that your decorative tastes may have nothing to do with those of people who access your ad.

Set a realistic price

We would all like to recover the money we invest in a piece of furniture, but unfortunately things lose value over the years, either because they have stopped being fashionable or because they are not in the same state as when They were new. Value it and never set a price higher than 65% of what it cost you that furniture that you are going to sell. Also, keep in mind that it is very likely that they will try to bargain the price set in the platform you use to sell your furniture, so do not set the sale price as you thought it was the minimum amount you would like to receive.

Do not hide any defect

As a seller, and as an honest person, you should be very clear that you should not try to deceive the buyer, among other things because when you see the defects that you have hidden you will not want to finish the purchase. Show the furniture as it is, photographing the defects and talking about them in the description of the offer. This way the potential buyers will know what they are going to find and they will not be able to reproach you anything when the purchase is carried out.

The power of the description

Describing the furniture you are going to sell is very important. Who does not give information is less likely to sell it because the potential buyer does not know all those characteristics that one likes to know, such as where you bought it, how much it measures, how much it cost you in your day (this is optional), what color It is… On the other hand, it is not only about describing the piece of furniture offering only data, but we can also resort to the power of persuasion by writing an attractive text that encourages us to buy it. Of course, never lie or exaggerate, and do not write a paragraph that nobody is going to read.

Good communication

Last but not least, you should take care of your communication with people who are interested in the furniture you put on sale. It is good to respond as quickly as possible, be friendly and be open to changes in the price or set a meeting point that goes well to the two parties involved. In addition, you must provide the guarantee as long as it is kept and is in force, since that is something that gives a lot of confidence when buying.

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