It never hurts to know how a washing machine is maintained. It is about optimizing this appliance to gain useful life time as well as to improve its performance and ensure that our laundry is perfectly washed. For one reason or another, knowing about that level of user maintenance is essential.

It is obvious to say that a well-maintained appliance will last you longer . What is not so evident is that we tend to act consensually. It is not that it is about studying a master (although as these titles are today, it would not cost you that much either).

Tips for maintenance of your washing machine

It is about using the washing machine properly and reviewing basic aspects of the washing system . For this we should:

Optimize washing programs:

Technology increasingly facilitates the task of washing machines. Program selections can be automated by load levels, garment types, colors and so on. But not all of us have washing machines at home with such precise software and it is in our hands to choose the best program for each type of garment. I do not mean that we have to skimp on temperatures and washing times, but we do know what our washing machine can offer us as the best selection to wash some clothes or others. The symbols of each automatic program clarify us enough for what they should be used, but the instruction book may end up discovering us an inappropriate use for improvising walking based on intuition. Get the most out of your washing machine and you’ll get the best out of each program.

Adjust loads:

This is a recurring theme that precisely because of its impact on the condition of the washing machine should always be mentioned. Abusing load kilograms can only result in a progressive deterioration of the motor of the washing machine or a direct failure. The work of the motor of a washing machine, to develop such a level of revolutions, requires a maximum optimization and a limitation of the weight transformed into centrifugal force.

Proper use of detergent and fabric softener:

Some models of washing machines already know what amount of detergent and fabric softener they must dose to optimize the washing. In case of manual loading, a good reference can be the vision of the first foam that comes out next to the door at the beginning of the washing cycle. All that is to abuse the detergent will cause the opposite effect, defective cleaning by preventing the correct filtration of water and accumulations that can lead to end clogging, odors and dirt.

Ventilate the washing machine:

After each washing it is advisable to leave the washing machine for a good few hours open completely. The closed humidities always transform into mold in gums and in other interstices of the washing machine.

Check filters and drum:

Checking the state of the drum of the washing machine is simple, with a movement accompanied by our hands we can find jams or strange sounds, in addition to being able to review some rest that could have been attached. The revision of the filter, made with certain periodicity, will serve so that the dirty water does not turn inwards. The filter, usually located in the lower part, under a protective housing is threaded, providing possible water outlets and having a tray below the level of the filter. With a cloth you can review the filter’s fitting area and the filter itself can be cleaned under the tap.

Washing the washing machine:

It never hurts to throw a short program with medium temperature and supplementing with lemon or vinegar. This way you make sure you clean and unblock possible traffic jams.
Keeping in mind these points, rest assured that you will prolong the useful life of your washing machine.

A well-maintained washing machine will take better care of your clothes

A well-maintained washing machine will always get your laundry cleaned , flavored and maintaining its properties to the maximum. On the other hand, a poorly maintained washing machine can cause several problems:

Odors in clothing: If we allow mold to form on the rubber door or if we do not check the condition of the filter periodically, we can get our clothes off a nasty smell right out of the washing machine or after laying.

Clothes without drying: A washing machine forced to the maximum of load can cause that his spin is useless and that the garments leave dripping water.

Caking of clothes: The clothes overexposed to detergents and softeners impregnates them and ends up preventing their cleaning by the very blocking of these chemical elements.

Deterioration of clothing: Knowing what each cycle is for and applying it precisely will ensure that the most sensitive garments retain their special nature.

The washing machine has the mission of leaving our clothes perfectly clean for each new use. But as you see, ignorance, improper use or poor maintenance can cause the opposite effect. It is not hard to be up to date on what we must do to make the washing machine work in its best conditions.

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