The key to being at home all year round is having a pleasant climate, no more, no less. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the different air conditioning systems for your home -air conditioning, ceiling fan, nebulizers, etc., what are their characteristics and what aspects you should take into account to know if they are suitable for your needs.

Air conditioning is one of the most frequent air conditioning systems since a stable temperature is achieved in a short time


Air conditioning is one of the most frequent air conditioning systems since a stable temperature is achieved in a short time, it is operated with a remote control and there are some devices that can provide both heat and cold, depending on the mode in which be activated.

There are different types of air conditioning:

From window: they are those located on the facade of the building or near the window, which is characterized by low cost but often also require more energy to operate.
Split: you can find two models, ceiling split or wall split. They are characterized by being more aesthetic and less noisy, having a unit inside the house and another outside in the window or terrace of the house. The ceiling split is usually more expensive than the wall split since it usually has more power.
Portable: as its name suggests, it is a ventilation system that you can move around the house since it does not require installation, but they usually have less power than the rest of the options.


We have to highlight ceiling fans over other air conditioning options for several reasons, starting because it is a system that does not use refrigerant gases that end up being harmful to the environment.

Other interesting advantages of this option is that they are easy to install, have a low energy expenditure , are less harmful to health by not drying out the air, it can give you the extra advantage of reducing the number of mosquitoes in your room by causing drafts They do not generate noise and can really be very decorative and even include light in the device.

We emphasize the decorative thing because in the market you can already find all kinds of designs. Forget about the classic blades in sight, which really have a special charm, but if you have a more modern decorative style at home you can find absolutely everything in specialized stores. This store works with quality brands, combining functionality with style, which is a ceiling fan that is a great element to opt for light and ventilation without losing style. More than describing it, I show you in this video:

Interestingly, many combine ceiling fans with air conditioning to reduce the energy consumption of the latter and achieve a more humid air, which can be a fact to take into account for your physical and economic health.

For those who have a large garden or terrace, you can also find ceiling fans suitable for outdoors, generating a more refreshing and comfortable climate even outside the house.


In addition to the ceiling fans you have other models such as: tower, floor, floor and tabletop. These are characterized by being able to relocate them whenever you want in any other area of ​​the house and have different powers and speeds, some of them can be operated with a remote control or with a timer, they are practical and you can find some very cheap models.

Are you worried that your fan will detract from the decoration of your home? I assure you that today you can find fans with impressive modern designs , which will seem like one more decorative element in your home rather than a fan itself.


Nebulizers are an ideal and specific air conditioning system for outside the home . It is very likely that you have seen it in some terraces of bars and restaurants, because it is a device that manages to cool an open place through the spray of water in very cold drops that when in contact with the air evaporate and get reduce ambient heat. Therefore, if you have a terrace or garden area that you would like to use more but the heat slows you down, foggers can be a great option.

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