you can always choose to accompany the sofa with an armchair, armchair or a pouf if you do not have enough space

Guide to finding the perfect sofa set

He does not spend time with him. It resists the latest trends without losing a bit of style, adapts with versatility to the changes and is also in perfect condition, almost as if it were the first day. We are referring to the sofa. An indispensable piece of furniture in any living room. And that, Read more about Guide to finding the perfect sofa set[…]

When choosing fabrics, wall coverings and upholstery for a traditional room, classic patterns are always a good choice

Choosing fabrics for Classic style decoration

While there are many styles and different techniques to choose from when decorating your house, you cannot deny the fact that classic far exceeds other trends in the warmth and fullness. If you want to decorate your home with classic touches in this post there are some decorating techniques you can try for achieving modern Read more about Choosing fabrics for Classic style decoration[…]