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The construction of this type of space is based on a metal structure that will support the weight of the plant wall and that will be kept separated from the facade

Prepare your own home vertical garden

Presented as a plant wall that has marked a trend in both interior and exterior designs, the vertical garden integrates nature and architecture in the same urban environment. We bring you some keys to...

The vision of the stone frame the beauty of vegetation, especially if you make a correct selection among garden plants

Gardens decorated with stones

In the decoration of gardens natural elements are perfect for designing harmonious decorations, anything that comes from nature will be an outdoor space perfect for recreating the natural atmosphere ideal for a relaxing moment....

decoration outdoor free for your children

Decorating a Teen Birthday Party

If in the course of recent years has brought out the best of your creativity to make the children’s party decoration outdoor free for your children, adolescence arrival the challenge is much greater and...