6 benefits of natural light at home

Amazing benefits of natural light at home

The natural light is synonymous with life, therefore this expression, taken into the home, also multiplies the life of that stay. When an improvement process is carried out in the home, the study of lighting conditions is one of the necessary ingredients. What are the benefits that natural light brings to the home? 1. Improves … Read more6 benefits of natural light at home

7 tips to decorate a cozy kitchen

Some trending tips to decorate a cozy kitchen

One of the characteristics of a cozy kitchen that invites you to stay in it at different times of the daily routine is to be cozy. That is to say, that it gives off a climate of warmth. For this, you can offer this room a leading role in housing through interior design. 1. Difference … Read more7 tips to decorate a cozy kitchen

A kitchen with vintage touches

the great advantage of decorating with floor and wall tiles is that they are easy to clean

There is no doubt, the vintage is fashionable. We live in a consumerist and digital society, surrounded by technology. So, with such a lifestyle, it was inevitable that some people CLAIMED a lifestyle more natural and authentic. In other words, a return to our origins. Thus, born green and sustainable flows seeking a lifestyle in … Read moreA kitchen with vintage touches

Industrial-style cottage in California

Because all of the historic details were removed, we felt free to re-create the house in the industrial-cottage style we liked

Today we moved to the US to meet one of those houses. We refer to houses that combine totally different styles successfully. We are referring to the Mill Valley Courtyard Residence, an industrial-style cottage designed by architect Aidlin Darling and interior designers Weir Collins Studio. Located in Mill Valley, California, housing fuses industrial spirit with … Read moreIndustrial-style cottage in California

Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom for teens

This time we will mention a list of tips for decorating a small bedroom, so I recommend you keep reading this post and take note . Decorating a small bedroom is a challenge for many people and for others it is very easy, only need to take note of the following tips. 1. To decorate … Read moreTips for Decorating a Small Bedroom for teens

Wall Covering: Practical Tips and Advice

Always keep in mind that the decoration of the walls should be according to your personality and tastes

In this interesting article I’ll teach you the easiest way to decorate the walls of the rooms in your house, so I recommend you read and take note of the tips and practical advice. Decorating the walls of every room in our house is very essential and should always be very careful when choosing accessories … Read moreWall Covering: Practical Tips and Advice

Decoration of Houses for Children’s Parties

harmonize and further highlight the Cars style

It is perfect moments for your young children, are children’s parties. Especially in children’s parties your young children enjoy and share pleasant moments with different friends, especially fun and eat lots of candy. If you have young children and you’re thinking to hold a children’s party, then do not worry. Because in this post we … Read moreDecoration of Houses for Children’s Parties

How to Decorate a Bedroom for Youth Women

furniture and accessories should properly match the color of the walls

In this post you will learn the methods and techniques on how to properly decorate a young woman’s bedroom, so you pay close attention and read on. Decorating a bedroom is not very complicated as it sounds, but it is a little difficult to choose the furniture, colors, decorative accessories and bed linen. All Items … Read moreHow to Decorate a Bedroom for Youth Women

Rooms Decor Modern Bathroom

recommended to use furniture with storage space

The bathroom is the most important space of the home and many people neglect it so much, that is, not decorate like to do. In this interesting article, I will mention in detail some trends to help you decorate your bathroom, especially be responsible for simply transform your bathroom into a modern and elegant bathroom. … Read moreRooms Decor Modern Bathroom

Decorating Rooms for warm and modern environment

Transparent furniture little notice and often are a great choice for decorating your living room

These ideas will give you are great to implement in our home for a nice warm and modern environment. The first thing to consider to decorate a small room is to highlight the colors, lighting and furniture arrangement for a beautiful family space. In a small room it is very important that you maintain order … Read moreDecorating Rooms for warm and modern environment