Ideas to decorate the bathroom for Christmas

If you have shower curtain instead of screen you can hang, during those days, a Christmas print

Do you love Christmas and do you love that everything is filled with Christmas decorations? So these ideas to decorate the bathroom at Christmas will excite you. Maybe you never thought about decorating this room in the house, but why not? You have a lot of options for it and today I’m going to tell … Read more

Collection Zara Home for Christmas 2016

Metallic Festivities, a collection in which the predominant silver

Perhaps it will seem too early to start thinking about Christmas but it is important that you consider that as the holidays go closer, you will have more things to do. So the sooner you put yourself to think about decorating your home the less haste and stress you have during the last weeks of … Read more

Using red and deep pink color with different shades in home decor

all colors can also affect your mood and for that reason it is desirable to learn to use it to your advantage

Red is a bold color that if not properly used in home decoration can overwhelm pretty and transmit negative feelings such as irritability or hostility. However, when used wisely is a perfect home decoration color, a color that you transmit strength and energy, is the color of passion and romance and also enhances the senses … Read more