Studio apartments: Ideas to maximize space

When you live in a studio apartment with a constant you do not know how to solve: lack of space and optimization. The use depends on the size of the department (ranging from 24 m2 to 40 m2 or more) and their distribution. They come with a kitchenette or full kitchen, bathroom with shower or bath tub, with balcony or without balcony, French balcony.

The first thing you have to solve is the possible division between the place of sleep and the rest of the space. The realization of this separation depends on the brightness of the environment and how much you want or not to hide.

If the environment is very bright, you should use light colored paint and use a separating virtual as possible

  1. screen that does not reach the ceiling of the material you want.
  2. translucent curtain hung by steel turnbuckles (voile, chiffon, organizes simile, etc.)
  3. light library bottomless
  4. studio apartment with a constant we do not know how to solve

  5. glazed brick wall
  6. any other options that you like (fused glass panels)

The concrete idea is to generate a continuous visual achieve comprehensiveness. It is important that you have little furniture but satisfy an auto-save.

If you have a fixed bed (not folding) is convenient to take advantage of the space under the bed or moving boxes on wheels.

If you have a futon or folding bed instead of having a coffee table whose function is only to house objects and magazines, it can provide us with a chest or old travel suitcases, treatment with paint or patina, you can transform table with casters and place inside crockery, books or heavy objects.

If you want more ideas on how to maximize space, visit ideas and tips on how to optimize space on dreamy apartment.

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