Smart Ideas for decorating a small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom and ago bias you every time you walk it may be because the decor is not the most appropriate for the size of this room. But bathroom is small does not mean you can not be comfortable and functional as any other bathroom larger.

To get a small bathroom can be better without making works , we need besides ingenuity and creativity … much intelligence! So you can find the best solutions for great results in small spaces. If you lack ideas do not worry, because then I’ll give you some ideas which I’m sure will come in great and you can apply to your bathroom to make it look bigger than it actually is.

It is very important for a small bathroom look larger can maximize the natural light

Light colors or pastels

This is the first step and one of the most important, it is essential that the bathroom has as its dominant color a light or pastel shades color. This way you can enhance the light in the room and also create a visual effect more broadly, something that certainly the small bathroom needs. Contrast You can find adding darker colors in small details or textiles.

Few accessories

Being a small space is not advisable that too add accessories that could fall into the mistake of creating too overloaded environment, which is why I advise you’ll probably go only by adding those supplements and accessories that really be necessary for you in day to day.

Enhance natural light

It is very important for a small bathroom look larger can maximize the natural light, because what a window to help create this effect is required. If the characteristics of housing is impossible to have a window in the bathroom to help you enhance light, then, have to try to create the same effect with artificial lights.


The size of health also of great importance because it is not the same a larger sink for a bathroom larger than the same for a small bathroom. You’ll have to choose a health according to the room you have. For this reason it is interesting to dispense with bidet and tub to win a considerable space.

Several mirrors

You can not forget the importance of mirrors in small rooms. But when you add the mirror, you have to consider where to place it so that it is located in an intelligent way and thanks to its reflection can get a greater feeling of spaciousness and also to better distribute light throughout the room.

Typically the mirrors are placed above the sink to be something functional, but you can place another full length on the wall that reflects the window or door and thus give greater feeling of spaciousness.

Beware furniture

It is not necessary to have much furniture in a small bathroom, because it will remove space and will cause shortness of breath, which is why I advise you to opt for open to give greater feeling of spaciousness shelves, and also that you avoid cabinets doors.

If you want to store towels you can with a customized cabinet above the toilet, so you’ll be taking advantage of that space in the best way possible.

You can also select some areas of storage and order your baskets or boxes to store on open shelves, so you save space and will add great style and personality.

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