Accommodating a small room

When your home do not have much space distribution it is the best for creating the necessary areas for the development of the proposed activities in a clear, simple and as open as possible. This time you will see how to accommodate a small room; the idea is to enhance your living space to make it a comfortable place without losing the style and maintaining a good decoration.

To achieve attractive interior small rooms you must take into account some details that seem large spaces

To achieve attractive interior in small rooms you must take into account some details that seem large spaces and maintain a balance of objects and colors.

Placing mirrors in the room is extremely optimum way to expand the visual environment, there is a very wide variety decorative frames and modern can place one or more mirrors on one wall.

The small tables for rooms are almost inevitable furniture, use a modern table, antique or rustic style you want will depend on the make in the living room, this furniture can stand out and become the star of the room; if you choose a piece with style it must be accompanied by living chairs that complement the design you choose.

The colors of the walls have to be clear as these give greater breadth to the environments, it is recommended to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls, use warm or cool colors if you want as a result depends modern rooms, minimalist or rustic.

Placing casework is extremely favorable to save space, wall mounted racks allow you to place books and objects without taking place, are also highly decorative and suit all styles, you can place living furniture made specifically to complement the room. In this case, it is recommended to choose light-colored cushions, smooth, flowered or striped, depending on personal taste.

Lighting is essential in small spaces, placing a large window is ideal to take advantage of natural light, several lamps will make the room look more spacious and welcoming.

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