Rooms Decor Modern Bathroom

The bathroom is the most important space of the home and many people neglect it so much, that is, not decorate like to do. In this interesting article, I will mention in detail some trends to help you decorate your bathroom, especially be responsible for simply transform your bathroom into a modern and elegant bathroom.

So you can create a modern, warm and relaxing bath, you have to pay close attention to the decor, you have to know and choose what details you have to know which are the most adequate sanitation.

Before starting the decor is very important to know what are the measurements of your bathroom, accordingly you start to decorate. For example, if the bathroom is small you decorate it with bright colors and a large one can use any color you want, but always creating a balanced and harmonious decor.

It is also very important to choose appropriate furniture and help you make good use of space, especially recommended to use furniture with storage space and are ideal to the square footage of your bathroom.

recommended to use furniture with storage space

Then I leave a list of five trends in bathroom decor, so take note and put into practice:

1. Shower trays replacing the tub

Mostly shower trays with more modern, practical and comfortable. We recommend using shower trays that are modern and give your bathroom a touch of modernity. It is also very important to remember that the dishes versed occupy less space than the bath and therefore are perfect to take advantage of a small bathroom space. They advise that you use shower trays that have clear glass screens, that way the bathroom will be well lit and provide a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Transparent glass partitions

Such screens are recommended in the bathroom, because they are very practical and enhance the decor in the space obtained. Instead of shower curtains, I advise you to use transparent glass partitions. Such screens are easily cleaned, prevent light from leaking and especially lend an amplitude to the bathroom.

Shower trays replacing the tub

3. Shower columns and designer fittings

Columns shower faucets design are elements that should never miss in a modern bathroom, especially when you want to create a relaxing and luxurious space. To do this, you must put in your bathroom shower columns containing various functions, such as you distinguish currents running water and massages. You must also place designer faucets, which give a modern take care of the room air and enhance the style of sink.

Shower columns and designer fittings

4. Furniture with greater capacity

The lack of space in a bathroom is the worst enemy for a decorator, especially for those who have no experience. If your bathroom is small or small, you have to put in cabinets or drawers, and you have increased capacity, which will allow you to have your bathroom well ordered.

Transparent glass partitions

5. A touch of luxury in your bathroom

To give a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you must purchase a tub that has vintage air and place it in a suitable place in your bathroom. Mostly the bath is recommended for large bathrooms, because it is big and takes a lot of space.

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