DIY Tips for repairing decorative indoor lamp

The lamps are an absolutely essential interior design accessory, they provide alternatives lighting but also make the decoration of the environment.

The reality is that finding a lamp that suits personal decorating style is not so easy, and another issue is that they are quite expensive. So save your money and get the lamp for you by repairing or restoring one yourself.

To start your project of repairing a lamp primarily need a kit, this is made by wiring the bulb socket and stand to place everything. However, depending on the lamp you are doing or restoring, you may also need to buy other items as screen tubes to place the cables, dimmers, bases, caps, etc..

finding a lamp that suits personal decorating style is not so easy
Another important aspect is safety when electricity is not the time to improvise, so it is important to follow all the steps in the assembly kit lamp and control all work before connecting the finished lamp.

As for the restored, it is very convenient because the vintage lamps are often extremely expensive when you buy them in antique shops. The trick in restoring lamps was original wiring remove without damaging the case, you will probably need some special tools.

When you begin with the restoration work, it is desirable that bind a string to the old cable before removing the lamp. Hold one end of the rope hanging while pulling the old cable, and ultimately leaves one end of the rope once you have removed the cable.

You can use this as a guide rope to guide the new cable through the housing, preventing jamming on halfway.

Before pulling the old cable use it as an indicator of size to choose new accessories that work with the lamp housing without major modifications.

You can really create a lamp with almost anything, the issue is to have imagination and working hand tools. For example you can make a lamp with a bottle of wine, or transform a disused piece of wood in a light trim.
Here are some very interesting pictures that can inspire you.

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