Arriving home and enjoying a fresh environment every day with your air conditioning while saving energy is welfare for you and your family. On occasion, you may find that the results are not what they should and the solution may be in your hands before calling Technical Service . These are some of the situations that you can solve in your home take note!

Important: If you can not solve the problem, contact nearest professional Technical Service or qualified personnel. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR AIR CONDITIONING ON YOUR ACCOUNT.

Check that the air inlets or outlets of the indoor or outdoor unit are not blocked, in this case clean the obstructions and restore the unit

5 signs to know if your air conditioner does not work well

– The unit does not turn on

It is possible that your air conditioner is not connected to a power source, verify that the plug is plugged into the outlet.

It is also possible that the batteries of the remote control are exhausted or that a fuse is blown. In both cases you can replace them.

At other times, you may have the timer timer programmed incorrectly.

– The unit does not cool while the air leaves the air conditioner

In these cases there may be different causes, it is likely that the temperature is adjusted inappropriately.

It is also likely that the air filter is blocked, in this case you should clean the filter according to the instructions in the instruction manual .

Another cause may be that the doors and windows are open, close them.

Check that the air inlets or outlets of the indoor or outdoor unit are not blocked, in this case clean the obstructions and restore the unit.

It is likely that the 3-minute protection of the compressor has been activated, it is expected to be deactivated.

If there is another source of heat in the room, turn off or remove other appliances that interfere with the proper functioning of the unit.

It is likely that the fan speed is improperly adjusted.

It is also important that you check for leaks. If so, contact the professional Technical Service, qualified personnel or manufacturer’s service centers.

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– The air does not work when it is put back on

In this case the 3-minute compressor protection has been activated, wait while this function is deactivated.

– It gives off an unusual smell once connected

If you feel a smell accumulated in the environment it is necessary to clean the unit and the filters. Contact  Technical Service, authorized service centers or qualified personnel in case the problem persists.

– There is water leak in the indoor unit

It is likely that the drain pipe is plugged or that the connection of the drain pipe between the units is loose, so you should check the drain pipes and connections. It can also be due to the humidity of the air is very high for which you must adjust the mode of operation of the air to control the humidity.

– There is leakage of water in the external unit

It is probable that in the pipe and connections of the refrigeration pipe there is water condensation because the air is working in COLD mode, to solve them you must adjust it in the operation mode to solve this problem if necessary.

– The baffle does not close completely when the equipment is switched off

It may be due to parasitic currents or desynchronization of the stepper motor, to solve it you must disconnect the power cable. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect the device. We advise you to read the instruction manual for useful tips that you can enjoy all the well-being and freshness in your favorite places.

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