5 Benefits of dropshipping for household items that you should know

For the owners of hardware stores and kitchenware stores in which home decoration products are sold, covid-19 has not been a brake; if not the opposite, sales have increased considerably. The current crisis has forced many businesses to reinvent themselves and, in the face of low productivity, look for highly efficient alternatives to meet demand, such as hardware and household items. The objective will always be to satisfy the market requirements in the best way and in a very short time. It is a win-win in which both parties get what they want: the customer receives what he needs and the brand is positioned for its quick solutions.

Benefits of dropshipping for hardware stores

That is precisely what hardware dropshipping is about , a very complete alternative that facilitates the buying and selling process for this type of business at times when stores cannot physically open or have limitations in terms of customer volume. The term refers to delivering a package and, therefore, it is a powerful sales method that can meet any need even if you do not have the material in stock. The hardware store charges in advance at the time the customer places the order and this is delivered directly to the supplier, who gathers the items and presents it to the home within the specified period for delivery.

Why is dropshipping for you?

This wonderful system, which has helped many hardware stores to stay in the market and continue with their sales, allows you to offer thousands of products and, with it, meet the requirements of your customers. In a conventional winery, it would be impossible for you to have so many products in stock. There is no rack that makes it possible! However, the hardware comparator or software can find everything that your client has asked for and contact the supplier so that the shipment can be made in the shortest possible time. Your client cancels through the internet or through your point of sale and you or your salespeople can argue or prescribe the most necessary within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Advantages of the system

Fixed cost reduction. You do not need to open a store, pay rent and all the services that this implies, such as the hiring of personnel and coverage of the benefits in terms of recruiting human talent. Dropshipping makes it easy for you to work from an internet connection and receive requests from your customers, by creating an ecommerce platform that represents your brand.

Catalog renewal. Unlike physical stores, you do not have to be stuck forever with the same selection of items, since this system allows you to be in constant change, depending on the demand index. For example, adopting the AFT group as a wholesale dropshipping hardware store can be a great benefit for your business, since you will have access to permanent updates of its wide range of products, including detailed descriptions, images and technical data.

Online and physical provision. If you are the owner of a hardware store in a commercial premises, but, due to covid-19, you have also launched an online store, the AFT group simplifies the process of fulfilling your orders, enhancing the power of ecommerce so that your customers have access to a complete inventory of the highest quality. Also, thanks to this excellent system, you can start your own SME if that is what you want.

Personalization. You have the opportunity to generate seasonal prices and exclusive offers for your clients. As a dropshipping hardware wholesaler, the AFT group knows that it is important for you that shipments are neutral to protect the image of your store, for this reason take care of the detail of the package, comply with shipments responsibly and identify each order so that Get to your destination safely.

Shipment management. The only task you should worry about is generating sales, since the rest of the process, until the order reaches your client, is the responsibility of the AFT group. In the case that you already have your own online hardware store, this company has an automatic shipping service, as well as updating CSV files to incorporate their products into your catalog of items. Everything is simpler, faster and more efficient!

Ready to open your own retail business? The hardware business addresses different areas, such as DIY, construction and decoration, but, regardless of the sector in which you focus, it is essential that you consider hiring a dropshipping service, as it will transform your investment into profitability long-term.

Discover the trends in bathrooms for the year 2021

This year 2020, because of Covid-19, has put our lifestyles to the test. We have had to change our habits and our ways of doing things, but it has also served to realize the importance of our home. Every part of the house matters, from the kitchen to the bedroom and not forgetting the bathroom. It is precisely the bathroom that we will talk about throughout our publication, commenting on the trends in bathrooms for the year 2021.

The bathroom is essential for our personal hygiene, in addition to the usual daily rituals.

Bathroom functions are increased

The bathroom is essential for our personal hygiene, in addition to the usual daily rituals. For many it is a fundamental place, a place to enjoy privacy and forget about the world. Because of this, it is important that it be functional.

For next year, the trend will be soft colors, velvety surfaces and dimmable lights. Bathroom furniture in warm, earthy colors such as truffle gray or soft gray will also stand out. The matte Stone White color is ready for its grand appearance in 2021: as a complete look, it gives select Quaryl® bathtubs such as Finion, Theano or Oberon 2.0 a velvety soft touch that is perfect for moments of relaxation in the bathroom. In addition, your smartphone can be charged in the inductive charging station of the Finion shelf, essential when working from home.

Bringing the outside in

Whether in the garden, patio or balcony: any private outdoor area is the luxury of the moment. So after kitchens, bathrooms will conquer outdoor areas in 2021. Villeroy & Boch can turn anyone’s dream of having a Jacuzzi into reality. Athletes, lovers of health and wellnessThey will be delighted as the replaceable Jet-PaksTM can be easily interchanged to provide a sports, therapeutic or relaxing massage. If a smaller format is preferred: sometimes all it takes to merge indoor and outdoor spaces is a rethink of bathroom design. One possibility would be to place the bathtub by the window to reveal the landscape.

Anyone who wants to embrace the trend without going to much trouble can simply create a natural look on a wall or enhance their bathroom with exotic plants.

Satisfy the travel bug at home

Spending the summer at home in no way means having to miss out on the vacation feeling. Some furniture stores offer many ways to bring the outside world into your home. For example, a toilet-bidet in the bathroom offers the comfort often experienced in the best international hotels. It combines the functions of the toilet and bidet, while providing a burst of freshness every time it is used. Some designers also have very elegant designs: as the technology is integrated into the ceramic, it resembles any other conventional wall-mounted toilet. It blends harmoniously into any bathroom design, such as a maritime-looking bathroom. An Artis blue sink and matching panel for a freestanding bathtub recall the ultimate beach vacation, and that every day.

How to open a safe if you forgot the combination

Sometime, you have heard to whisper by saying that how to open a safe if you forgot the combination or how to break open a safe. When buying a safe, it is essential to find out in addition to the types of locks they contain, the thickness of their walls or the security they offer, also about the most common methods of opening safes that criminals use.

At the end of the day, the techniques used today are not the same as before, and more than one is sure to acquire a safe without knowledge of these methods and it turns out that your safe is the easiest to open. For this reason, and so that you can think with a little more knowledge on the subject of which safe to acquire for your business or your home, here we leave you with the most common methods of opening safes.

 how to open a cannon safe without the combination

HOW TO OPEN A CLOSED SAFE: if you forgot the combination

The first method that we are going to bring you only works with the older safes, how to open a safe if you forgot the combination, since it is a technique that used to be used very often but nowadays there are more efficient methods. It consists of breaking the bolts or hinges of the safe, for which you must use a wide-lever screwdriver, which you will introduce in the corner where the hinges are located with a hammer. Once inserted, you will only have to apply pressure to cut the bolts that hold the door.

The second method that we recommend is, if the safe has a watch, with the help of a pointed piza, lift the left side of the sheet as much as you can, until you see a screw that you must remove. Once subtracted, take a steel wire, smaller than the hole, and put it inside as if you were looking for the dial.

You must apply little by little pressure until you notice that it stops with the first disc, and you begin to turn the clock slowly to the right side. There will come a time when the wire and groove of the disk meet, and it will fall down to the center combination, which means you have found the first number. We will repeat these steps but in reverse every time until you have obtained all the numbers of the code.

Finally, the third way to open a safe is to make a hole with a drill in the ring next to the clock, right in the center, and when you go through the ring we must continue to the door at an angle. center of the clock. Once you have access to the interior of the safe, you must manipulate the watch with the help of a steel cable as in the previous method.

7 Steps for roof and gutter cleaning without complications

Knowing how to clean root and gutters is a basic element to keep your home safe and free from various types of problems that can be caused by clogging. Check our article and see details of how to do this amazing work of gutter cleaning in a simple way.

Some people are worry seriously by thinking about the roof and gutter cleaning! We are here to make you free from such kind of extra stress. No more tension and thinking about the gutter cleaning cost and gutter cleaning service. Just take note of each step of How to Clean Gutters and other maintenance-related care to prevent various disorders in your home.

Before starting

Take advantage of the good weather to review and perform all roof and gutter repairs. Pay special attention to gutters and downs before the start of the rainy season, but don’t forget to recheck them once the leaves have finished falling.

STEP 1 – Separate the Necessary Items

The first step of How to Clean Gutters is to separate the necessary elements. This involves cleaning equipment and also basic protectors to ensure safety when cleaning.

gutter cleaning: After identifying the obstruction locations along the gutter, it becomes easier to clean the conduit tubes

It is necessary to provide:

Long rubber gloves (prevents contamination and cuts on the hands and arms);
Long reach ladder (preferably iron or aluminum);
1 large plastic spoon (similar to a garden shovel);
1 small plastic spoon;
1 Trash bags with sturdy plastic;
1 reach lake garden hose (preferably high pressure);
De-breaker and specific rods for cleaning conduit pipes of gutters. Note: These items are found in household utilities and building materials stores.

STEP 2 – Access to the Roof

To start cleaning the gutter, it is necessary to position the ladder and have the help of a person to hold it firmly during the entire cleaning time.

The ladder must not rest directly on the gutter, as this can cause damage or even break the gutter.

STEP 3 – Remove branches, leaves and dirt

The next step of roof and gutter cleaning is to remove the branches, leaves, plastics, sand and other dirt from the gutters and close to it with the help of plastic spoons and also with your hands.

These soils are easier to remove and must be removed to avoid new obstructions after cleaning and to leave the place well sanitized.

STEP 4 – Place the Solid Waste in a Poly Bag

gutter cleaning: How to Clean Gutters is to insert the hose through the conductor pipe and flush the canal.

All solid dirt removed should be placed in sturdy trash bags and discarded in the right places.

STEP 5 – Tap Lightly Along the Gutter

The next step of roof and gutter cleaning, after removing the dirt, is to tap lightly along the gutter. This allows the exact location of the obstruction to be identified.

In the parts of the gutter where there is no obstruction, the noise is sharp. On clogged parts, tapping the gutter may make a lower sound.

STEP 6 – Clean the Conductive Pipes

After identifying the obstruction locations along the gutter, it becomes easier to clean the conduit tubes. This cleaning must be carried out with the use of the specific anti-trusting tools and antlers.

These elements should be inserted into the tubes until all larger and medium-sized obstructions are removed. Minor clogs and other debris are removed with the hose.

STEP 7 – Rinse the gutter

The last step of roof and gutter cleaning is to insert the hose through the conductor pipe and flush the canal. This helps to remove the smallest clogs, remove minor soiling, and check for normal water flow.
It is important that the hose has high pressure so that the force of the water makes cleaning the tubes quickly, without much effort.

The 60-30-10 rule for combining colors for your decoration

Colors are very important in decoration and choosing the most suitable is essential to obtain a good result. Basic knowledge is always useful but it should not be forgotten that rules have been made to break them. You cannot ignore the theory or current trends, but what is really important is that you and your family are the ones who will live and enjoy the colors that your home will have.

That’s why you should never reject your personal preferences , if you love intense tones, dare to use a delicious raspberry color to liven up your work area. Use the colors and motifs to your liking, although it may seem an eccentric or unusual choice.

Write down your answers and always keep them in mind as you search for the right color

Before you start to fill in a color space, you have to consider many factors, but with practical knowledge and a little inspiration, you will be able to make the most appropriate decisions.

Ask yourself these questions when you go to choose the colors for your home:

  • What use will be given to the room?
  • Who will use it?
  • What time of day will it be used the most?
  • How much natural light do you receive?
  • What architectural elements can be highlighted?
  • What furniture will the room have?
  • What colors have been used in the adjoining rooms?
  • What sensations and emotions do you want the room to evoke?

Write down your answers and always keep them in mind as you search for the right color.

Basic color standards

Interior color became widely used after World War II. Especially in Europe, after the years of rationing that the war imposed, color in homes is considered almost a luxury. During this period, a series of standards were developed that established which colors best combined with others. With today’s number of paint colors, application techniques, and different surfaces, we can truly overcome these principles and move forward with interior design.

Colors are very important in decoration and choosing the most suitable is essential to obtain a good result.
Do you know the 60-30-10 rule for combining colors? Do not miss this article and learn more about how to combine colors in the decoration.

Reds: All reds work well together, just like pinks. Some shades of red and pink together can be great for a living room or a pastel room.

Oranges: Soft oranges are very warm; darker oranges should be used sparingly. Browns look great with orange. Turquoise and grays are good complementary colors for orange.

Yellows Yellows: combine well with greens and oranges. Blues and yellows (complementary colors) form a classic combination to create a bright and cheerful environment.

Greens: Green is normally used as a neutral color to balance a room since certain shades of green, such as sage green, go with almost any color.

Blues: All blues go together, just like greens. All shades and intensities of blue and green combine perfectly, for example, sky blue and duck egg green, or camouflage green and peacock blue.

Violets: Violets work quite well together, although it can be too overwhelming a combination for some people. Violets also work very well with greens. Bluish violets pair well with colder blues, and redder violets make a fantastic match with soft pinks.

One of the most common problems when decorating is choosing combining colors. And once a color or several are chosen to decorate a room, the problem usually arises in how to use it or what walls to paint with those colors. Therefore, we propose the use of the 60-30-10 rule to combine colors in decoration.

The 60-30-10 rule for combining colors in decoration

This decoration rule is a way to decorate different rooms in a simple way. It does not need to be 100% fulfilled but it is highly recommended to know how to distribute the amount of color or colors when decorating.

The numbers 60-30-10 correspond to the % to be used in terms of quantity of paint . That is, one of the colors would be to use in 60% of the room, another in 30% and finally, the third color in 30%. So the colors would be distributed in this way:

  • 60% with dominant or main color
  • 30% with secondary color
  • 10% with accent color or color for small details

If we apply this theory or rule to reality, we must bear in mind that the color division does not have to be totally exact either . It is rather an option to guide yourself when using the different colors.

Bamboo Furniture: The ecofriendly and perfect alternative for your home

Have you heard of bamboo furniture? They are in full trend, and it is not for less, since it is one of the best natural materials that is revolutionizing the decorative landscape and the most functional interior design.

There are so many brands who offers you various products made with this revolutionary natural product, in order to offer you maximum comfort in your home and cover all your needs, taking care of and protecting the environment.

The furniture cane bamboo are trend in decoration. They fit elegantly anywhere and are the perfect complement to a house

Advantages and guarantees of bamboo Furniture:

Versatility : Bamboo is a comfortable and functional material , so it serves to make a multitude of products and furniture for practically any area of ​​our home.

Ecofriendly: Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that, unlike hardwoods, can be harvested year after year without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Without a doubt, an environmentally friendly product perfect to include in your home.

Durability : It is a very strong material capable of withstanding daily wear and tear without it practically making an impression on its fibers or surface. In fact, it is much more resistant than traditional woods since it does not swell with water or shrink under adverse weather conditions.

The bamboo is one of the important materials for interior decoration and home decoration. Whether of furniture living or furniture office

Appearance and natural beauty : Bamboo has a fine grain that transmits elegance and lightness, perfect characteristics to create an atmosphere of relaxation and calm in our home.

Very resistant : Did you know that bamboo is stronger than many types of steel? In fact, the city of Hong Kong uses what are known as ” taap pang” or in other words, bamboo scaffolding, since they are more resistant and stable than metal scaffolding. The strength and resistance of this plant is incredible, and also, thanks to the lamination, it has an amazing ability to avoid scratches and dents.

5 reasons that will make you use bamboo furniture in summer

1. RESISTANCE:  Bamboo Furniture is a super resistant material. Its degree of resistance is compared even with metal. In some parts of the planet they use it to make floors, bridges and even houses. Its high degree of resistance makes it an ideal material to withstand large kilos of weight and much use, whether in your living rooms, dining rooms, chill out areas …

2. ESTHETICS: summer is related to the beach, nature, relaxation, travel … no matter the type of outdoor decoration you have, bamboo, thanks to its 4 types of finishes (vertical natural, vertical tan, horizontal natural, horizontal tan ) fully adapts to your outdoor decoration, providing the ideal place in the house in summer to connect with nature, feel traveling on another continent or enjoy the absolute Zen state. All this without losing the modern and aesthetic touch of a house!

bamboo wood furniture arrives to complement our decoration with lightness, design and adaptability

3. ENVIRONMENT: Bamboo is a natural, renewable and abundant resource that is harvested throughout the year. When cutting the bamboo poles, what you do is just prune it. From the same pruned strain, new canes will sprout every year, keeping the resource always available. A tree, to use its wood for furniture, is cut and dies, while bamboo continues to sprout for up to more than a hundred years in the same place. If in your day to day you are careful with the environment, you are concerned and you do everything possible to preserve it and take care of it, you cannot fail in your decoration either.

4. MAINTENANCE: bamboo, being a natural material, is ideal for outdoors such as gardens, patios and terraces. Easy to maintain thanks to sprays and various products. Except for other furniture, its weight is nil, which makes it very easy to put it on, take it off or move it from one place to another on the outside of your house, without the need for much time and people.

5. ADDED VALUE: bamboo symbolizes serenity, modesty, longevity, peace, humility and elegance. It has an added value and it is related to happiness and luck. Currently, we live in a constant rhythm of life in which happiness is brought to moments and luck is said to be for a few, what better than to create an ideal feng shui place to take care of outside your home and attract luck for you and your family.

Everyone talks about bamboo furniture as the fashion trend in decoration in summer. What are you waiting for to get your bamboo furniture? The perfect alternative to take care of the environment and invest in quality at affordable prices.

The best DIY ideas that help you for the nice sustainable home

Today embarking on the Nice Home DIY world is much easier than a few years ago, where tools were more expensive and resources much scarcer. Thanks to the Internet you can discover a multitude of amazing and simple ideas to achieve original and personal homes .

The DIY refers to Do-It-Yourself that means all manual tasks that a real “hands” can perform to create, improve, repair or maintain different tasks.

DIY is the activity that generates the most benefits for our body , it is also a useful hobby for the home . It is based on investing your moments of leisure within the home, with the aim of achieving personal satisfaction and the profitability of resources such as money.

In the next post we will present some novel DIY ideas to carry out in your home, which will help you reuse and recycle objects, thus improving the efficiency of your home . What are you waiting for? Start doing DIY.

DIY to save energy at home

DIY to save energy at home

DIY is a very cheap activity that you can do at home to save on both heating and water and light. You can save on heating by installing a timer-thermostat to control the heating of your home to the needs of each moment, or by placing reflective sheets behind the radiators to prevent heat from escaping through the walls.

On the other hand, you can save on light by replacing your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs , substituting switches for dimmers, and installing a motion detector in the hallways of your home so that the light turns on and off automatically.

Finally, you can save on water by installing faucet aerators that limit the flow of water.

DIY for a more sustainable home

DIY can also be used to achieve a more efficient and sustainable home , taking advantage of the remains of different materials that we have at home and that have already lost their usability. For example; In gardening work you can recycle glasses, cups or other old tools such as planters, you can recycle stones or minerals for planting flowers, you can use light bulbs as flower pots, etc.

Also, you can create sofas, chairs, beds and other furniture by recycling the wood on the pallets.

As you have seen here we only show you some creative DIY idea that aims to create more sustainable and efficient homes by yourself. However, the reality is that there are many more DIY tasks that will allow you to save on materials, energy and personnel .

Do you want to do some DIY chores? What are you waiting for? Dive into the Internet and quickly, conveniently and easily acquire the appropriate tools for any DIY task you wish to carry out.

Thinking of renovating your office? Chairs and tables, your priority

Working in an office implies spending many hours in the same space and, over time, it becomes one more corner of our daily life. For this reason, the comfort and desire to feel comfortable often implies the renovation of the office. Decoration is a very important part of any work space, but even more so is furniture, especially chairs and tables . Whether you’re the boss or an employee, an optimal workspace will have a big impact on final performance.

Types of chairs

There is no doubt that today furniture trends greatly facilitate the renovation of any space, being able to choose from a wide range of products. Of course, it is essential to organize the workplace in a way that does not prevent us from moving freely around it at any time and, of course, that offers the feeling of security and professionalism that is so much expected. As we have previously mentioned, chairs become an element of vital importance for everyday life, so if you do not have a sufficient budget, it is possible to buy cheap office chairs without losing quality.

Spending so much time in the office sitting or from one side to the other ends up significantly affecting body posture. For this reason, it is advisable to test the chair before buying it to ensure that you will feel comfortable during the hours you are going to be there and to prevent, at all times, the appearance of pain in the neck, back and lower back. Therefore, the best option is a chair with easy-to-move wheels and an adjustable seat , but without forgetting that it must have a good backrest that provides adequate back support. This same situation occurs in the case of office tables, essential in the office.

Practically all the operations are carried out during working hours and in the end it is completely buried by mountains of papers, filing cabinets and computers. However, renovating the office is the perfect excuse to change the situation. In the market it is more than possible to find a multitude of table models that combine storage with solidity, without losing a bit of the style marked in the company. Neutral and light colors are always a success in giving a modern and professional touch to the space. Of course, you can also customize the office table based on the function for which it will be used.

Of course, the table or desk must be comfortable and adapted to work needs. In this way, you will be able to improve performance and productivity by finding yourself in a comfortable and pleasant work environment. Remember that, in addition to having enough space to store all the paperwork, it is important that the table is made of quality materials as well as the chair to get the most out of your investment. Furthermore, height is one of the key points of office tables. These should be between seventy and eighty centimeters in order to comfortably rest your feet on the floor and avoid hurting your back and spine.

12 safety devices for a house with children

Safety accessories for the house are essential when you have a baby. Domestic accidents are frequent among the smallest, and to avoid scares , it is advisable to protect them as much as possible.

Classics like the bed rail or plug covers are really basic , as babies move around a lot, and as they get older they want to touch and explore everything. But even other products, such as countertop protectors, are very useful to prevent an oversight of ours from having undesirable consequences.

Classics like the bed rail or plug covers are really basic

In the market there are more and more safety devices that make it easy for us to make our house an almost 100% safe space . Do you want to know what are the 12 most necessary safety devices?

  1. Barriers to the bed: they are installed on the sides of the bed to prevent the child from falling at night.
  2. Barriers for doors and stairs: they block the entrance of the little ones to rooms with dangerous objects and their passage to the stairs .
  3. Plug protectors : prevent children from sticking their fingers or other objects into the plugs.
  4. Safety locks: prevent a child from opening doors or windows.
  5. Shock absorber for doors : this I would have loved to have it in my house! that I still see stars when I remember my little threshed fingers with the door. With shock absorbers, you avoid a lot of pain, as well as getting them locked up in a room.
  6. Corner protectors : children crash, fall , bump … putting silicone pieces to cover dangerous corners of furniture makes falls more bearable.
  7. Countertop protector: acts as a protective barrier, preventing your child from burning with the stove.
  8. Tablecloths : they fix the tablecloth to the table to prevent the child from pulling it and falling all over it.
  9. Refrigerator lock : it is placed on the door to prevent it from being opened.
  10. Non-slip bathtub : it prevents the child from slipping when you are bathing it.
  11. Locks for toilets : prevents the toilet lid from opening, preventing possible and dangerous falls.
  12. Protection barriers and alarm systems for swimming pools : if you have a swimming pool at home it is essential to have it with a closed barrier, and it is very convenient for an alarm to go off if someone enters the premises without having deactivated it.

Artistic wallpaper to completely transform the interior of your home

In recent years, wallpaper or also known as wallpaper has become as popular as in ancient times. Wallpaper has many benefits to be taken into account in interior decoration. A home should always grant a sense of tranquility and comfort.

You can create this feeling in many ways. But taking wallpaper into account is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give that touch to the home. When decorating a space, there are many elements and tools that help to add texture, color, patterns and depth to the room.

A well decorated area is linked to all these elements, also creating a focal point. In the same way, there are different ways of working the walls. The wallpaper grants everything mentioned above to make a beautiful and striking change in the room. Another advantage is that it is one of the most economical ways to transform a space without having the need for so many other elements.

Wallpaper offers many benefits, not only is the aesthetic appearance that visibly gives

Wallpaper benefits

Wallpaper offers many benefits, not only is the aesthetic appearance that visibly gives. But it also contributes to the durability of the walls. The wallpaper can add texture and depth. Creating a focal point, something that a simple layer of paint cannot achieve.

The vast majority of wallpapers are washable. This is something that many people think, that they cannot or that are very difficult to wash. But it is not so, some models can be cleaned with a sponge gently and others with greater resistance to cleaning.

But taking wallpaper into account is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give that touch to the home

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, wallpaper can be easily peeled off the wall and without any problem. At the time you want to replace, you will not give any work to remove it. Nor will it mistreat the walls of the room. In the past the patterns or prints of the wallpapers, which had textures and their colors and styles were very limited.

Today, wallpaper breaks this scheme. These grant new and beautiful styles, colors , textures and many details. Many people believe that wallpaper is very expensive. In the same way as the paintings, the wallpaper has different costs, which adapts to the budget of any person.

But considering that the wallpaper has a much greater durability than the paint, in the long term you will save much more with the wallpaper. Remember that you should always consult with an expert when purchasing your wallpaper. Specify what type of wallpaper you want and in what area of ​​your home you want to place it.

Artistic wallpaper

This type of art and decoration are a trend today. The paper is made with images tailored to the wall that the user wants to decorate. These wallpapers are personalized and some are inspired by diverse murals. The images on the papers are perfectly designed on a large scale, guaranteeing high quality printing and realism.

It is worth mentioning that artistic wallpapers are printed using state-of-the-art ecological technology. The themes or motives are really almost infinite. These range from classic motifs to true unique contemporary art.

A well decorated area is linked to all these elements, also creating a focal point. In the same way,

They work perfectly in rooms or spaces both large and small due to their different colors and styles. In ancient times, the wallpapers were mostly with floral motifs. At present these artistic wallpapers grant unusual motives.

These recreate abstract designs, realistic landscapes, 3D images, among many others. This type of wallpaper projects a lot of personality to the space. But other details should be taken into account so as not to compromise the decoration or comfort of the room.
Depending on the style and pattern of wallpaper, this will make the room visually enlarge or on the contrary, look smaller. For homes with low ceilings, it is best not to place a wallpaper with a large pattern. Since this will obviously visually reduce the size of the room more.

It is also not advisable to use a wallpaper with many details or small prints, if the room is full of details. Also, when small impressions are used, the mind is automatically distracted trying to detail and decipher every detail instead of relaxing.

Duration and cleaning

The wallpaper is very durable and can be cleaned. It is designed to meet the needs of each person and each lifestyle. The wallpaper endures children’s wear and also the conditions of heavy traffic in the area. According to an analysis that was carried out regarding the life cycle, it was established that they can last five times longer than the paint.

The vast majority of wallpapers are washable

Most wallpapers have a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Instead, a painted wall may splinter and crack over time. Thus causing a cleaning and touch up more often to make it look fresh again.

And depending on the traffic and the children or pets in your home, the walls will require painting every year. No doubt this is a much more complicated and tedious process than wallpapering the walls with wallpaper. And even better with the new installation technology, which does not damage or leave residue on the walls.

When we mention that the wallpaper is washable, it means that it can be cleaned gently with a sponge or a damp cloth. Applying if you want, a normal and simple detergent solution to eliminate the dirt you may have. For this reason, wallpaper is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

There are slightly stronger wallpapers, which can withstand being cleaned with a brush and specific detergent. Of course these are a little stronger, they are also much more durable. This type of wallpaper is much more recommended for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area.