7 tips for decorating the living room during Christmas

The purpose of decorating the home during Christmas is contextualized, in many cases, in the living room. This living area acquires a renewed atmosphere at the end of the year with details typical of this time. Every year is different, therefore, it is an invitation to live this process with enthusiasm. In this blog we give you seven tips to decorate the living room during Christmas.

the living room is one of the most important rooms not only at home

1. Focal point of Christmas decoration

What is that point in the room that draws attention for its aesthetics? You can create it intentionally when planning the decoration of the space. For example, living rooms with a fireplace are the spitting image of a winter scene. It does not matter that a living room does not have a fireplace , it does have a focal point that should be highlighted to create a Christmas universe.

2. Christmas tree with photos

How to enhance the prominence of Christmas photographs from previous years? The Christmas tree can hang from its branches some of those moments that have an emotional value for you. You will likely take a photograph of the decoration of your Christmas tree to preserve this memory for the future. And, in turn, this composition will be personalized with the emotional decoration of moments from the past that recall the magic of this time.

3. Reuse ornaments from previous years

When decorating the living room at Christmas it is important that the decoration is, above all, safe. The aesthetic of this inspiration renews this living area with a Christmas atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the home.

The offer of Christmas products is renewed each season with a selection of proposals. However, you can also take advantage of those resources that you already have at home to extend the useful life of those elements that are in perfect condition.

4. Sitting area by the fireplace

The decoration of the room pursues the search for comfort and well-being. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the warmth of a place that offers this happy welcome. Using a rug also helps to create a cozy space by the fireplace. A space that inspires multiple decorative compositions at the end of the year parties. Therefore, you may be able to make a change in the distribution of the furniture during these dates.

5. More than one Christmas tree

The Christmas tree can be one of the main elements in a living room decoration that gives prominence to this essential piece. There are Christmas trees of different formats. For example, this one in metallic finish adorns the window. And a miniature piece can also personalize a base unit.

6. Decorate the coffee table in the living room

The coffee table in the living room has significant aesthetic potential. It is a very versatile piece of furniture that is dressed with simple details. For this reason, the Christmas theme is also contextualized in this central point. Try not to overload this auxiliary furniture. A lantern gives this table a winter aesthetic.

7. White and gray cushions

You can not only decorate the room with Christmas motifs that you will remove when this period of the year ends. Some of the ideas that are part of this Christmas decoration may continue to accompany you after this period. For example, choose cushions with a winter aesthetic. The white and gray cushions in this picture match the tree ornaments behind the sofa.

Therefore, the living room is one of the most important rooms not only at home, but also during Christmas. Plan a decoration that brings you happiness by connecting with the inner child that lives in you. What other ideas to decorate this room do you want to share? Christmas is also an invitation to decorate with crafts.

Trends in accessories for kitchen furniture: kitchen cabinets & Shelves

In any kitchen, order is a fundamental characteristic to be able to prepare our recipes without any problem. Due to this, it is very important to spend time thinking about its design, being very clear where and how the different accessories that we will use will be stored. The idea is none other than to turn this space into something that is as practical as possible , in many cases having to pull ingenuity due to the little useful space that many kitchens have. To achieve this goal, the use of kitchen accessories has become essential, elements designed to make the most of each space, helping us to maintain order. Keep reading and discover some ideas that you can use in your homes.

we want to talk about the drawers, which can be seen as large drawers and which are usually where we place the pans and saucepans

Internal accessories for kitchens

It is very common for the interiors of kitchen cabinets to be wasted due to ignorance. It is usual to place some shelves at half height, but this is not the best solution in most cases.

To maintain order inside, we can find a multitude of elements such as baskets, trays or cutlery, each one designed for a specific function. It is also possible to find removable elements that allow us to reach areas that are difficult to access. For example, the removable accessories for corner furniture, accessories made up of various guides and baskets that allow you to reach the final part easily. What is important is that the hardware is resistant and has a smooth and comfortable operation.

Accessories for columns and display cabinets

Showcases are a perfect solution to combine functionality and aesthetics, as well as offering a large storage space, facilitating order and maximizing space in a very elegant way.

In this sense, we can find different accessory options for columns and display cabinets, but always with the aim of being fully integrated with the rest of the kitchen. One of the most widely used options today are columns that are partially removable, where each row of shelves is divided into two halves. One of them will be at the bottom, while the other half will go outside as part of the door.

Showcases are a perfect solution to combine functionality and aesthetics, as well as offering a large storage space, facilitating order

Drawer accessories

No matter how careful you are, in the end most kitchen drawers are cluttered. To avoid this, we can use a multitude of accessories to achieve a proper order . In narrow drawers, the most common is to use a cutlery holder for our knives, spoons, forks and other items.

In the case of larger drawers, we can place accessories to organize the different kitchen towels or the jars of the species that we use in our recipes.

Drawer accessories

Finally, we want to talk about the drawers, which can be seen as large drawers and which are usually where we place the pans and saucepans. There are accessories so that these elements are better organized.

It is also possible to find other types of accessories for drawers formed by mobile baskets that move through it to make the most of its depth. In this way, we can place the tallest things at the end and the smallest things inside the baskets.

Another very common thing is to use these drawers as a place to store the garbage can and the rest of the recycling compartments. This way, you will not be in plain sight.

As we have seen, accessories for kitchen furniture can be our great allies when it comes to enjoying comfortable and practical solutions that adapt to our daily rhythm. They are designed to help us save time and make our kitchen a much more functional space. What are you waiting for to start using these elements in yours?

How to reduce noise in your kitchen and improve comfort

For some time now, the kitchen has become the heart of the home, a multifunctional space to meet with friends and family, but also a place from which to work and where children can do their homework, among others. things. In order to perform all these activities correctly, achieving good acoustic comfort is essential. Here are techniques of works in the kitchen that will surely help you to reduce noise usually make a boring feel in the kitchen.

What is acoustic comfort?

When we speak of acoustic comfort we are referring to those situations in which the noise caused by human activities is adequate for rest, communication and people’s health. On the opposite side we find noise pollution that can be caused by two reasons:

to reduce noise in your kitchen and improve comfort

The noises that pass through the air and make the walls of the rooms vibrate. Sounds from inside the building (conversations, Wi-Fi, TVs, radios…) and from outside (traffic, transport, works…).
Noises from ceilings, walls, pipes, and floors spread vibratory sound waves into adjoining rooms. They can be due to impacts (footsteps, scratches, movement of furniture, things that fall …), the noise of shared equipment (elevator, boilers …) and individual equipment and installations (electrical appliances, air conditioning, heating, kitchen and bathroom taps … ).

Noise pollution is not inevitable: noise can be combated during construction, renovation and renovation work on buildings, as well as by changing our daily habits by being ourselves less noisy not only with our voice but also with our gestures, for example when using kitchen utensils and appliances.

How can we create an acoustic environment of comfort?

When creating an acoustic environment of comfort, we can carry out a series of actions that will help us achieve this. Let’s look at some tips.

Choose quieter installations and appliances.

  • Use guide systems, hinges and lifting systems with damping for doors and windows
  • Avoid the simultaneous use of sound generating devices.
  • Lower the noise in our conversations. Speak in a medium voice level.
  • Incorporate quieter habits when doing housework.
  • Do not pierce the acoustic insulation systems for the passage of facilities.
  • Conditioning the space using insulating doors or panels and absorbent materials to separate noise between different environments.
  • Avoid furniture noise by putting protection “pads” on their legs.
  • Avoid any rigid connection between the floating floor and the walls or pillars.
  • Fasten or support to elastic and antivibratory supports the elements that can generate vibrations such as air conditioning equipment, speakers, etc.


With 2021 about to hit spring, what better time to change the decor of your home. The problem? The usual. What to change and how to put it? If you don’t know what to do, at NICE HOME DIY we give you a hand. Today we are going to show you how to decorate the walls of the living room: trends in decoration 2021.


We begin the review by showing you how to decorate the walls of the living room with pictures. A classic that does not go out of style and that many people mistakenly associate with outdated and dated decoration. Obviously, it all depends on the painting you put on your wall.

decorate the walls of the living room with paintings

For example, if you have a living room with gray, muted and cold tones, you need color and warmth. In this case, the trend in 2021 is to put a single large painting that focuses the attention of the room. The very effect of the orange and red tones, already gives a feeling of heat to the room, and is what we are looking for.

If you want something more ornate, we have another alternative to decorate the walls of the living room with paintings. Without going any further, accumulate small squares to your liking and place them asymmetrically. As long as they match your decoration and do not imply overloading the room to the extreme.

The last option to learn how to decorate the walls of the living room with pictures is the most artistic. In this case, it is a triptych that we place in an interesting way over the living room . A work of art that can be made up of three, two, one or five, the paintings you want. The first look will be taken, whatever the paintings.


And from the paintings, we are now going to decorate the walls of the living room with a mural . In this case, we have chosen XL murals that cover the entire wall. Some can even catch part of the adjacent wall. It is not the case.

if you have a living room with gray , muted and cold tones , you need color and warmth

For nature lovers who, unfortunately, cannot enjoy it on a daily basis, this mural was created. A high quality photograph with a beautiful forest and a perspective that completely deceives the eye .

If we want something more specific, we have the option of Lake Tahoe . Undoubtedly, a risky bet to decorate the walls of the living room with a mural , but effective if it looks good, as is the case.

The last alternative to decorate the walls of the living room with a mural is the most classic. It is a flowery mural of which you will find millions of models. And it is that to all types of flowers, you must add the available tones. Difficult to choose but, when you do it, it will be that good.


Those who thought that vinyl was a passing fad missed the shot by far. In fact, this 2021 is once again a trend to decorate the walls of the living room with vinyl . And of course, speaking of vinyl, we are talking about endless opportunities. Without going any further, this pack of black vinyl cats , ideal for shelves, sideboards or, simply, a wall to use. A friendly, animalistic and modern touch to your living room that no one will expect.

Do you want something more chic? What do you think of this woman’s face? If it looks like you, all the better. The truth is that in 2021 they are hitting the faces very hard on the wall. An idea that might seem crazy to decorate the walls of the living room with vinyl but that is sweeping.

Finally, the perfect combo of practical and decorative: the clock. On the one hand, the numbers are vinyl glued to the wall . On the other, the giant hands are analog and will give you the time as normal. It seems almost logical that this idea to decorate the walls of the living room with vinyl is top 2021.


Today we are going to show you how to decorate the walls of the living room

If you are one of the people who likes to have plants all over the house, this idea is going to enchant you. It consists of decorating the walls of the living room with plants . But not in any way, but an original that has been booming for a long time.

We are talking about vertical gardens, at least in this first case. We have the option of planting on the entire wall or, as is the case, in compartments. Thus we take advantage of an old piece of furniture and give it life. The way you plant will make them stick forward, rather than up.

The alternative to patience is to create a vine , through a wire guide. Embedded in the wall, we will wrap the vine around the wire and let it grow, directing it where it should go. The creeper takes its time to grow, so don’t be nervous that everything will come. In fact, it is one of the ways to decorate the walls of the living room with plants that more and more people try.

The last wildcard to decorate the walls of the living room with plants is the bookshelf . Yes, it is a trick but many people have shelves that they do not use and they can be a tremendous green area in your living room. Not only will they give color and life, but it will also help you define areas.


We finish with the ideas to decorate the walls of the living room with bookshelves . Who else who least has one in their living room. Now, few people have a designer corner shelf that will be the envy of all who see it.

The same goes for this set that takes advantage of the exposed brick to place some simple planks and create a spectacular library. A way to decorate the walls of the living room with bookshelves to be very proud of.

To finish, a shelf to use . Why not? Sometimes the simplest way to decorate the walls of the living room with bookshelves is the most successful. That does not mean that we take any shelf, but one that combines, as best as possible, with our living room. How is the case.

13 marvelous ideas to expand the space without reforms

There are some simple decorating tricks to expand the spaces and make your home look amazing. You can do it without doing very expensive remodels. Therefore, you will save money and you will love the result.

Many times, just by correcting the distribution of the furniture and the rest of the elements, we can enjoy a wider and more accessible space. There are multiple solutions to make the most of the space and create a feeling of spaciousness without having to make major changes.

For a faster alternative, moving items that are currently placed around four walls in a room to just two walls, and bringing furniture and units to the center of the room, will create an improved sense of size and space. In addition, it is essential to keep the space in front of the windows free of furniture so that they do not block the light.

Take advantage of the corners to expand the space.

Lower the dining room table

  • Small round tables aren’t just for breakfast. Ditch the giant dining table and give yourself some extra space by opting for a small, round dining table.
  • It is also a great idea to use versatile furniture. Not only will they expand the space but they will help you with storage.
  • As can be the seats and beds that have a storage space, stools that can be used as a side table, an armchair bed, you will have the space clear and well organized.

Take advantage of the corners

For that it is important to choose pieces according to the dimensions of the space and the size of the objects that are going to decorate the place.

Take advantage of them with a bench, a corner closet, you can put bands for books, a corner in the room is ideal to place a coat rack, a flower pot. Use as much space as possible.

Place mirrors in strategic places

It is a very practical option to expand and gain space, you will get more centimeters and luminosity. The rays of light bounce and illuminate even the most hidden places in the room and give a sense of space in the reflection.

If the house is small, do not hesitate to use mirrors on the wall of the living room or above the sofa. Remember that light is a key aspect that conveys serenity, and dark rooms are not cozy and warm.

It is a great trick to visually expand a space because it reflects and multiplies the light inside

Sliding doors

Sliding doors with glass windows allow shared light to flow throughout the space while creating separation. Even better, they slide right into the wall when not in use, taking up much less space than ordinary doors.

Use the white color

It is a great trick to visually expand a space because it reflects and multiplies the light inside. The higher the light intensity, the greater the feeling of space. If it is too monotonous, you can add accessories to create contrast, or paint different doors and floors.

Move the TV

A multimedia console is the biggest waste of space in a small living room. Mount your television on the wall or above a fireplace and you will recover the necessary space on the floor.

Use mobile furniture

Those with wheels are ideal to place them in the place you need at all times, creating more versatile spaces.

hose with wheels are ideal to place them in the place you need at all times, creating more versatile spaces.

Home Office

If you work at home you have to have a place for your office and desk. A wall mounted desk takes up much less space , and you can even place shelves on top for even more storage space.

Think vertically

Take advantage of the often underused space between the top of furniture and the ceiling of a room with hanging or high-hanging elements. Bring the shelves and cabinets up, it will make the room feel taller.

Place transparent furniture

It can be chairs, tables, shelves, there are many options to expand the space. Also, you can place glass doors to connect and separate adjacent spaces.

Choose the right type of soil

The color of the floor influences when decorating the house and making it seem more spacious.
The most convenient thing is to choose a floor in a light tone, be it wood or smooth, you must avoid terrazzo or marble floors with too many shades.

Put good lighting

Good lighting will make any room large or small. Make sure to install especially good lighting in smaller, narrow spaces, such as a bathroom with a tiny window, or hallways in the house without natural light.

When doing any home renovation things can be very expensive, whether you are decorating a small apartment, a room or a quaint little house. So these tips are easy to implement and will make your home look clutter free and much larger in just a matter of hours.

How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes – Easy Tips

Don’t despair when you stain your clothes with makeup or lipstick. Take a look at some tricks on How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes quickly and without damaging the fabric.

To remove makeup from clothing, simply apply some simple products that you surely have in your home.

How to remove makeup stains from clothes

Water and Detergent

  • Soak a cotton ball in the water, put a little neutral detergent on it and run through the stained area. Just move in one direction.
  • Little by little the stain will come out; otherwise, place the part in the machine and remove the rest during washing.
  • If you are going to wear the clothes urgently, run a bit of two-phase makeup remover on the stain and dry it with the hair dryer.

Glicerine soap

  • This is a great solution to How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes , especially eyeliner and mascara.
  • Apply the glycerin soap to the still dry piece and rub with a small brush with soft bristles or a toothbrush.
  • When the stain is completely removed, wait 15 minutes, rinse clothes normally, and put them outside to dry.


  • Put a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain, soak the garment for 5 minutes, and then wash the garment normally under running water.
  • Note: If the stain does not come out completely, you can rub the piece, but be careful not to damage the fabric.

Detergent and Towel

  • To know the process of How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes with this technique, it is necessary to choose a clean and dry towel .
  • Then put some detergent on the stained area, press lightly to penetrate the fabric.
  • Next, add a little warm water, rub lightly on the stained part, press the towel on the stain with the detergent to absorb the residue.

Lacquer and Water

Apply lacquer on the stain, rub lightly with a toothbrush, remove lacquer from clothing under running water.

Shaving cream

  • Another technique of How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes When it comes to a liquid base without oil, is shaving cream.
  • To do this, apply the cream on top of the stain to cover everything. Try to use a creamy product, instead of the gel cream.
  • Wait for it to work for 3 minutes, rub the cream well on the stain, wait a few more minutes. Then rub the cream well onto the stain, use a soft cloth or your fingers, rub firmly so that the cream penetrates the tissue fibers.
  • Remove the cream and rinse with cold water. Dry thoroughly with a towel, pressing to suck up excess water.
  • If the stain does not come out completely, repeat the process with the cream, but rinse with warm water. Then put the clothes for normal washing.

Alcohol or Vaseline

  • This is another technique of How to Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes when the product is lipstick.
  • It is very easy to remove with these two products. To do this, rub the stain with a cloth dampened with alcohol or petroleum jelly and rub gently, so that the stain does not spread further.

7 Aromatic Herbs To Plant At Home for safe stay-home lockdown

Do you have a small garden or do you even live in an apartment, so you don’t think you can have Aromatic Herbs to Grow at Home ? This is where you make a mistake, many of these herbs can be planted and grown at home. Caring for these plants is a true therapy, and you always have them on hand for various uses, whether culinary or medicinal.

Below, you’ll find people’s favorite Home Grown Herbs ! Learn about the benefits that each one brings and how to take care of them at home!

Rosemary is one of the main aromatic herbs to grow at home . Its bush reaches a maximum of 1.5 m in height
Rosemary in pot with nature at garden

1. Rosemary: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

This is one of the most used aromatic herbs to grow at home in gastronomy. In addition, it has medicinal utility. It is an herb with a peculiar and pleasant aroma, which is often added to salty and sweet recipes. It is also useful as an ingredient for infusions.

In its infusion (tea) form, rosemary provides several benefits, such as:

Regulates blood pressure;
Helps treat flu, colds, and asthma;
Relieves muscle aches;
Helps eliminate fluid and toxin retention;
Reduces menstrual cramps;
Contributes to the elimination of gases;
It stimulates good digestion;
Serves as a mild natural soothing;
Contributes to the elimination of bad breath;
Strengthens the circulation of the scalp;
It helps treat hemorrhoids; among others.

Rosemary is one of the main aromatic herbs to grow at home . Its bush reaches a maximum of 1.5 m in height. To grow at home, the small rosemary tree can be planted in gardens or even in pots, as long as they are large. In order for the shrub to grow and live optimally and healthy, it needs:

Little water
Care against fungi and other agents.

Therefore, it is recommended to leave the rosemary in places with a high incidence of light, preferably solar. Yes, this is one of the aromatic herbs that most appreciate heat.

Irrigation should not be too frequent. Attention: excess water is one of the main factors that makes people feel frustrated when they grow this herb at home, which ends up not surviving.

A good drainage system may already be enough for rosemary in times of little rain or cold weather. In warmer seasons, watering this little bush 3 times a week is enough!

One drawback is that rosemary is often attacked by fungi and pests. To prevent these harmful agents from killing the herb at home, leave the rosemary tree in environments where air circulates freely, as this prevents suffocation.

The natural agents that can be “sprayed” on the bush and prevent the attack of fungi and pests are: garlic, tomato and coffee powder. Soak these ingredients in water and spray this liquid on the grass once a week.

2. Chives: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

Here is one of the most used aromatic herbs to grow at home in the kitchen. Serves as an ingredient and condiment for various savory dishes.

The best way to grow chives at home is in areas like gardens or large pots

The best way to grow chives at home is in areas like gardens or large pots. It is important that the site is naturally illuminated and that a space of approximately 15 cm in diameter is reserved for each seedling of the grass, which reaches up to 30 cm in height.

Watering is one of the main factors that impact whether the chives will grow and stay healthy. This is because it is one of the herbs that needs watering the most. Therefore, watering should be daily.

3. Coriander: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

Coriander is another of the aromatic herbs to grow at home, widely used as a spice and food flavoring. It even has medicinal use, as it aids in digestion, joint pain and has calming properties.

Coriander is another of the aromatic herbs to grow at home, widely used as a spice and food flavoring

Gardens and flower pots are places where we can grow this herb at home, since coriander only reaches 10 cm in height. It is a plant that enjoys mild climates and moderate lighting.

Irrigation should be done up to 3 times a week. This is when the bush has reached adulthood (which takes about 4 months), and before that it can be watered twice a week.

4. Dill: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

One of the few Home Growing Aromatic Herbs from which the leaves and seeds are extracted for culinary use, dill is sometimes mistaken for fennel for its mild flavor.
herbal tea has been used since ancient times. Dill has digestive and antispasmodic properties

For medicinal purposes, herbal tea has been used since ancient times. Dill has digestive and antispasmodic properties.

It is more appropriate for dill seedlings to be planted directly in the ground, as they enjoy progressive growth. Therefore, pots are not the best options for growing this plant.

Watch out for excess water, which can rot the grass. In particular, dill needs well-drained soil with moderate watering twice a week.

It is an herb that generally suffers with attacks by insects and other agents. Therefore, provide a natural pesticide and keep the dill crop protected by applying natural products, as already mentioned, once a week.

5. Fennel: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

One of the most used aromatic herbs for home cultivation in the world, especially for infusions, has several medicinal properties. Fennel is a powerful eliminator of fluid and toxin retention and a natural tranquilizer.

In addition, it has a unique flavor and is generally consumed in the form of teas or juices, alone or with other ingredients. It is also used in recipes, especially sweets and desserts.

The best way to grow this herb at home is in the ground as it grows horizontally. It is important to keep the soil drained and leave the seedlings in places with direct sunlight.

Due to its naturally sweet flavor, the herb attracts insects. In this case, it is often worth betting on the natural protection of the plant.

6. Peppermint: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

Do you know peppermint? It may not even be one of the best known Home Growing Aromatic Herbs , but it is an excellent ingredient for flavoring food and beverages due to its distinctive and distinctive flavor.

It also has excellent health benefits. Peppermint helps to treat various stomach problems, inflammation and muscle aches, headaches and nausea.
Peppermint helps to treat various stomach problems, inflammation and muscle aches, headaches and nausea

To grow peppermint, you must first plant the sample right next to other types of mint. You can choose, for example, peppermint (one of the most common).

The peppermint bush is low and the plant is non-invasive, so it can be planted even in medium pots.

It is one of the most common and easy to plant types of Home Growing Aromatic Herbs . It has several benefits, such as digestion aid, nasal decongestant in case of colds and flu, general recipe flavors, tasty teas, among others.

Just a pot with drained soil and close to sunlight is enough to make the peppermint bush healthy and edible. It does not require much care.

Simply spray weekly or biweekly with natural insecticides and fertilize the soil every month with eggshell, for example. Irrigation can be done once a week in wet weather and 2 to 3 in dry weather.

Just avoid leaving the bush in direct sunlight in summer, all day, as the peppermint leaves can burn.

7. Basil: Aromatic Herbs To Grow At Home

One of the most requested aromatic herbs to grow at home for gastronomy. Basil is widely used to add a touch to pizzas and sauces.

In addition, in the form of an infusion or macerate, basil is a good ally for various treatments. It is good, for example, to help with canker sores, reduce cough and sore throat.

Herb is a plant that does not live well without the sun, so the best place is to grow basil in open areas with the incidence of sunlight. The soil must be fertile and drained.

The irrigation must be regular but without exaggerating. Watering the small basil bushes twice a week is enough.

In very cold climates, which are subject to frost, the ideal is to cover the basil plants with a plastic for protection.


How to Make Household Cleaning Products to save in lock down period

Why not reduce the havoc we are doing on the planet by learning how to make ecological and homemade cleaning products? In addition to collaborating with the environment, we can also save money during this pandemic (the no-income) period.

Currently, the use of organic products has become a global trend, but it is not in sight. This is thanks to the work of people and companies that love nature, which explains the importance of preserving and maintaining balance on the planet.

On the other hand, the industrialized products used in house cleaning, to a large extent, are characterized by being highly polluting and harmful, since they do not respect environmental conditions.

Also, in most cases, they are not recycled correctly. Being like this, they end up ending in rivers, oceans and seas, managing to kill, not only the various species of fauna, but also flora.

One of the biggest advantages of using environmental products is saving money, but not only. Being made with homemade ingredients, they are much cheaper and do not harm health or the environment.

How to make cheap and homemade cleaning products

Are you encouraged to learn how to make household cleaning products ? Here are some recipes with which you can guarantee not only an optimal economy, but also collaboration with nature decontamination.

How to make Dishwashing Detergent?


3 whole lemons;
2 glasses of water;
200 grams of coarse salt;
1 glass of vinegar;
1/4 cup of rinse aid.
Preparation method:

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and mix with the other ingredients. Place in a jar, but make it appropriate for use. Ready! This is a method of how to make household cleaning products that are most used by housewives who stopped using industrialized products.

An important observation should be made in the cases of these types of recipes. They are less polluting, but that does not mean that they are exempt from causing damage to the skin, such as allergic reactions.

With that, pay close attention when handling and applying. Always wear gloves as this will ensure your safety.

Dishwashing Detergent 2

Do you have how to make household cleaning products with low cost and low pollutant rate? Yes. Just follow the recipe below and obtain a detergent whose value is infinitely less than those sold in the markets.


1 bar of soap, preferably coconut;
Juice of 2 lemons;
1 liter of boiling water;
1 liter of water at room temperature;
4 tablespoons of ammonia (biodegradable).
Preparation method:

Chop the soap into a bar or grate, melting in the boiling water. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add the water at room temperature, along with the ammonia, mixing well. But be careful that the ammonia does not splash on the face.

Store the resulting mixture in jars and use instead of commercial detergents. You will have approximately five liters of a product, very cheap and effective.

How to make Multipurpose cleaning products?

You may be asking: How to make household cleaning products that can replace multipurpose? Here is the answer!


1 liter of boiling water;
1 tablespoon of vinegar;
1 tablespoon of ammonia;
1 tablespoon of baking soda;
1 tablespoon of boric acid.
In the water, add the vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, and boric acid. Leave packed in a tightly covered container. As a conventional product, you should keep it away from children and animals, since even being less aggressive, it still contains chemistry.

Floor Cleaning Product


1 liter of alcohol at 70º;
4 liters of water at room temperature;
1 bar of homemade soap;
A handful of eucalyptus.
Preparation method:

Leave the eucalyptus packed in alcohol for about three days, but no more than that. Boil the water together with the soap in pieces or grated so that it dissolves. Add the water and the eucalyptus smell in a bottle and you’re done!

Have you seen How to make homemade floor cleaning products with ease? Next, learn how to make fabric softener. But better than that: spending almost nothing.

How to make Cloth softener products?


5 liters of water at room temperature;
4 tablespoons of glycerin;
1 soap;
2 tablespoons of rose milk.
Preparation method:

Boil one liter of the water along with the grated or chopped soap to dissolve. Add the rest of the water with the rose milk and glycerin. Mix well, then place in a bottle.

Glass Cleaner 1


3 tablespoons of vinegar;
11 liters of water.
Preparation method:

Dilute the vinegar in the water and apply. However, if the glass is too dirty, first clean with soap and water. To keep surfaces dry, use fabric, preferably recycled cotton or newspaper.

Glass Cleaner 2


1 glass of alcohol;
2 glasses of water;
1 tablespoon of ammonia
Preparation method:

Mix the ingredients, but be careful enough. Gloves are recommended for handling as they can protect your hands from splashes. Apply the mixture with a piece of cloth or cleaning paper.

Carpet cleaner


4 parts corn flour;
2 parts borax.
Preparation method:

Mix the ingredients well and let stand for about an hour. Use below.

Bathroom Cleaner

For general bathroom cleaning: Use a brush with warm water and baking soda;
For the sinks: Pour a little vinegar and wait during the early morning, washing in the morning;

For cleaning containers: Apply the mixture of borax juice with lemon, but taking care not to splash in the eyes. Let it rest for a while and rinse. You can also use a vinegar concentrate in that case, but never both recipes together.

Ceramic Floor Cleaner


3.5 liters of water at room temperature;
1 glass of vinegar;
1 glass of ammonia
Preparation method:

In a bucket, mix the ingredients well and wash the floor as usual.

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How to clean and order the freezer

Yes, although sometimes we forget about it, the freezer must also be cleaned periodically (at least once a year). The reason is so that it works correctly (the accumulation of ice and frost makes it have to work harder and consume energy) as well as guarantee that the food we keep in it is kept in good condition.

How to clean and order the freezer


Empty it

The first thing to do, first of all, is remove the food that remains in it and, before cleaning, it must be defrosted.

Thaw it

To do this, turn off the freezer (or the entire fridge if it doesn’t have its own switch) and let the ice melt away.

Remove the ice and frost

To speed up the process, you can do it with the help of hot water or some utensil in the shape of a wedge (many refrigerator models bring it). But never with knives or other sharp or sharp elements, as they can damage its surface.

Remove accessories

As soon as there is no more ice or frost, remove the shelves and drawers, and wash them. If you have a dishwasher, you can do it in it with dish soap and warm water. It’s one of the things you wouldn’t say can be washed in a dishwasher. Another option is to do it by hand with water and baking soda, one of the most effective household cleaning products to clean.

Wash it inside and out

Once you have it empty, wash the interior with a mixture of water and bicarbonate, which apart from being very effective for cleaning is very respectful with the environment and with the surface of the freezer since it does not contain abrasive substances. And don’t forget the rubbers and gaskets as well as the exterior of the freezer.

Mount it and connect it

When you have it clean and dry, put the accessories back and connect it. However, do not place the food yet. It is recommended not to do so until at least 20 minutes have passed.

9 mistakes to avoid when decorating the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the private rooms of the home that invite you to calm down and relax. That is why it is very important how we are going to organize and decorate it, stopping making very repetitive mistakes when doing it.

Many times when decorating our room we want to put everything in it and we exaggerate, making it a very loaded place that will interfere with our rest. In addition, when wanting to change the style or completely renew it, when decorating there are many things that we have to take into account so as not to make mistakes. Everything is a learning process to do it correctly and to learn from the experts on the subject.

Bedside tables according to the needs in your bedroom

Most common mistakes when decorating the bedroom that should be avoided according to experts

Bedside tables according to the needs in your bedroom

Bedside tables need to be the right size and height for the space to be comfortable. If they are too high or low, it can be uncomfortable to reach for things on tables or to turn lamps on and off from bed. Selecting a bedside table with a considerable width is important , because it helps to have enough space for a small lamp and a few essentials.

Too many pillows pillows

If your bed is full of them you will spend several minutes putting them on and taking them off and it can give the feeling of clutter. Place two or three maximum as decoration.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have enough pillows on your bed, the space can be a bit neglected. You must have the perfect balance of pillows for aesthetics and the function it serves, that’s the key.

The size of the bed and headboard

A large headboard and a small mattress can make your room seem a bit out of place. The headboard is a decorative complement that allows you to dress and give a touch of style to your bedroom.

It must have the dimensions provided to your bed and mattress. You should also take into account if the room is very large you cannot place a very simple headboard.

The size of the bed must have the dimensions according to the room. You must measure the room before buying it, to be clear about the measurements. It is recommended that on both sides of the bed there is a free space of about 70 cm.

Small carpet

This is another mistake that people make when choosing interior decoration pieces. Most people opt for small rugs that don’t cover the entire room.

This will give your bedroom an incomplete and less attractive finished look. A rug is important because it adds more color and warmth to the space.

Poor light

Your bedroom should be cozy and warm. Having only one light source doesn’t make it so cozy. Lampshades and bedside lamps will help illuminate darker areas that a light source cannot cover.

Plus, these additional light sources will make your bedroom look modern and stylish.
The more light sources you have, the better it is for the eyes (and the mood).

If your bed is full of them you will spend several minutes putting them on and taking them off

Very bright colors

Be careful not to use too bright colors in the bedroom, but rather calm and natural tones to keep the space serene and timeless. Neutral, warm and light tones are ideal. The space feels soft and cozy.

Forget the curtains

They have an essential role in a bedroom , they allow you to shade the light and also provide privacy to the environment. When choosing, you should opt for the one that lets in light during the day and provides privacy at night.

There are many solutions for blinds, blinds, blinds, choose the one that best matches your style.

Ignore clutter

It is important to eliminate unnecessary elements, and that the furniture is not too large for the room; They should also have adequate storage to help minimize clutter.

No plugs

The lack of plugs is an extremely frustrating design flaw in many rooms. The traditional double plug behind the bed was enough at one point, but now it can be overloaded with multiple plugs and a tangle of cables sprouting.

If you are planning a renovation, you should make a list of all the appliances that you will connect regularly and make sure you have enough electrical points for all of them. You can get advice from a qualified electrician on the feasibility of installing an extra pair of outlets in the room.

The bedroom should be a reflection of your personality, your taste and your unique style, be it in the furniture you choose, accessories, colors, textures, etc. Although there are no hard and fast rules one must follow, there are decorating mistakes that are made that can be avoided to create a magazine room!