A Modern Style Fireplace

It is the turn of presenting models of modern style chimney  that stand out for its designs of net lines and its elegance, becoming one more piece of the decoration of interiors. Chimneys and radiators become undisputed protagonists in times of cold weather, are the tool par excellence to mitigate the low temperatures of winter in homes, offices and commercial premises.

The main structure is made in double lining, for greater efficiency in the air conditioning.

They are used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms, as there are models that can be adapted to almost all rooms, and there are even some models that are transportable and can be used outdoors.

Something very positive for consumers is that the devices are becoming more attractive and with advanced technologies. So in the current models of fireplaces and radiators combines the excellence of design and performance.

There are several companies dedicated to the development and commercialization of furniture and has a collection of fireplaces and stoves , with models with a striking aesthetic and contemporary style. The chimney line of modern style presents a wide variety of models, with combinations of materials that give a very elegant aspect to each piece. Metal, glass fireplaces among other models can be found in this collection.
The “Glass Fireplace” collection is made up of a range of fireplaces with models and finishes with multiple presentations. Each model can also be adapted to the requirements of the customer, ie the manufacturing company contemplates the interesting possibility that users choose a model of chimney that exactly matches their needs and tastes.

The variety of models is extensive, reaching a range of 3600 colors, with finishes in lacquered steel, metal, stainless steel, bronze, glass, titanium, brass among other options of attractive finishes.

As for the fuel used to feed this product, can be heating systems based on the consumption of gas or bioethanol, or wood .

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