Trends in bathrooms decoration materials

The bathroom is one of the hardest to decorate rooms in a house. More than a matter of aesthetics, decorating the bathroom should be practical and functional.

In this article you will discover the trends in bathrooms 2016 . From the finest materials to the colors and design, we present the news that the new year brings.

When the bathroom is ready for an update and you don't know where to start, look to the year's trends for bathroom remodel ideas

Hydraulic tiles

If you regularly read NiceHomeDIY blog, surely you remember the article of the trends in interior decoration 2016 talked about the hydraulic tiles. How could it be otherwise, the hydraulic tiles make the leap to the bathroom.

This type of tiles have been popular throughout the year, so this trend will continue also during the next 2016. The hydraulic tiles piece by piece manufactured with traditional processes, so they are of higher quality and highest price. In addition, hydraulic tiles are more resistant and their designs have a variety of shapes and colors.

Marble and cement

Other materials will also be protagonists of the bathroom in 2016 are marble and cement. Materials resistant, elegant and, ultimately, perfect for the bathroom.

HGTVRemodels shows you the latest bathroom design trends for your bathroom renovation.

If we talk about style, not lose sight of the natural tendencies. Add a green to the décor with plants and flowers decorative touch. And do not forget either from natural fibers such as cotton which is ideal for the bath room. A hypoallergenic, soft, breathable, durable, easy to clean and, therefore, perfect for linen fiber.

Natural wood

Although another classic decoration material is wood. So, of course, I could not miss this material either in the bathroom. Choose furniture in solid wood and light colors that can be combined with a bright and versatile white.

We can also add a natural touch to the bathroom with a wicker or rattan can be used as a practical and decorative organizer towel or even as a makeshift container plants and flowers.

And the natural turn to the latest technology applied to the decor. We are of course talking about the innovative systems that allow us to set the temperature with greater precision and motion sensors that help us save water.

Light colors and functionality

As for color trump all light colors like white , which help us to decorate a room bright and spacious bathroom. In addition, these colors add purity and convey a sense of cleanliness in the room ..

And is that trends in bathrooms 2016 bet for minimalist spaces and sober. The functionality is not incompatible with the aesthetic and show new products next year. Bathrooms suspended to maximize space, in favor of a minimalist decor, high shelves to gain breadth and large drawers easily compartmentalized that allow us to organize our bathroom accessories.

Child Trends

2016 trends in bathrooms is also not forget the smallest of the house. And in the catalogs of firms specializing in decor there is also room for children’s designs . In this sense, small details that make the difference.

Patterned curtains and towels and bath accessories friendly cheer decoration younger and put a touch of color to the decor, while ensuring the comfort and safety of our children. Thus, children learn in a fun way the importance of cleanliness and hygiene daily. They will be looking forward to bath time! And we.

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