Kitchen cabinets: Binomial black or white and pure white

The kitchen cabinets do much to the decor as it determines a particular style. In a previous note we have seen the romantic and rustic styles kitchen cabinets, and today we see the features of the kitchen remodeling that look with the dual black and white along with pure white flaunt.

White and black kitchen remodeling

No doubt that some of the combinations used in the interior decoration is the black and white tones; thanks to them, you get a perfect balance between light and dark, white is the sum of all the bright colors, and black is the complete absence of light.

The kitchen cabinets with the pair of white with black are always successful and appealing. It allows infinite possibilities such as the futuristic decor, refined and elegant and minimalist design.

To use the black and white duo

interior decoration in the black and white tones
The key is caution because the balance is not insured and need to take care of every detail. This involves adding two colors to achieve harmony in an environment and keep always in mind the qualities of each color when applying in the decoration of the kitchen cabinets.

For example, in less enlightened corners you should not put normal furniture but one white black for light. Same for the opposite case, where there is much light black furniture looks good to mitigate the brightness of the sector.

Place furniture in white in areas that need to be more enlightened as for example is the case of the counter, and combined with black and white dining area and washing. Black elements can be counter tops, chairs, tables, etc., while white cabinets not well matched with this pairing of color.

The black counter tops are super stylish and are fantastic with the remaining walls and white furniture are also very well use the wall white and black lacquered furniture.

Pure white kitchen remodeling

One of the most striking colors for decoration in general is white because it offers bright, airy and fresh, but also a tone that inspires neatness so necessary for a home kitchen.

White is a versatile color that can adapt to all possible styles, but also elegant and refined.

When choosing the kitchen furniture white must take into account that it is not convenient to overload the space so the better the simple lines and not accompanying furniture with too many decorations.

The appliances are key in decorating kitchens with white because many of them come in this color, but also combined with silver or black in its details.

The white lacquered furniture are fabulous, as are the white marble countertops or silestone. The tables and chairs from the kitchen can be any style when you are white because this tone to merge tables with chairs modern romantic style.

Last but not least, is the fact that white is a color that requires constant maintenance so only appropriate if you have the time or the tools to keep it always impeccable.

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