Internet Refrigerators or Smart Refrigerators

A refrigerator to suggest recipes based on the ingredients listed (which are what we have at home), allowing you to tweets, it warns of the expiry of perishable foods and allows you to listen to music.
Although it seems straight out of a science fiction movie, refrigerators with Internet are already a reality for at least 3 years. We explain more.

Refrigerators are joining the latest advances in having a “Smart” home with appliances that connect to the Internet

Refrigerators internet

Refrigerators with internet saw the light about 10 years ago but made between 3 and 5 began to appear on the market more often.
Especially Samsung and LG brands were the refrigerators with internet became a reality that we could introduce into our home if we want these features.


Not all refrigerators with internet have the same elements and features, but apparently these have been covered by at least one design. If you want to know what they can do with Internet refrigerators we present it yourself.

Wireless Internet: A refrigerator as we are not connecting may not have internet, but is necessary for connections ethernet? No. These refrigerators use the wireless internet signal for all applications.

Shopping list: Certain internet refrigerators have the Evernote application. This allows you to make a shopping list on the refrigerator as soon as you see what is missing and will be synchronized with the mobile device you have connected to the account (phone, tablet, etc.), so you can remember it later.

Expiration management: For it does not happen more contemplate an outdated package, refrigerators with internet notify you when something is about to caducarse or has already happened. Avoid litter.

Climate: The climate is a topic of great relevance to all. With these coolers know if out with umbrellas or take a coat.

Recipes: If you want your meal originality in these coolers will be of great help. Select the ingredients you have at the moment and will suggest recipes based on it. Do not repeat the same dish over three days in a row.

Calendars: Instead of marks on calendars or agendas, certain refrigerators with internet Google calendar feature that allows you to be synchronized and not miss any events or encimar commitments.

Internet refrigerator (also known as Smart refrigerator) is a refrigerator which has been programmed to sense what kinds of products are being stored inside it

Photos: You can also dispense albums around the house, now you need not choose because some of these refrigerators allow you to create photo slideshows.

These refrigerators have internet and touch-screen to use simple.

Some of these can be purchased along with a washer, air conditioning and microwave thereby creating a center smart appliances, a very practical option. Although currently still have a fairly high cost, below it is likely to find in more and more homes. You knew the smart refrigerators? What do you think?

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