As every summer, many are those who are waiting for the catalog of IKEA and now finally we have it between us, with all its new features, all proposals and best of all, because not only we can see in its version printed or online manner.

If you are fond of decorating or if you want to decorate with a new style your home, IKEA has become the brand reference, and its catalog is almost a “bible” for those seeking the latest trends and how we can achieve shared spaces within house that can be really exploited from what they propose.

As every summer, many are those who are waiting for the catalog of IKEA

Thus are already in this new catalog how the bedroom is the place where we really relax, or all the latest in furniture, without forgetting that this is a very special catalog as it celebrates its 20th edition. Thus, the catalog IKEA 2017 puts the focus on very special spaces in the house, like the kitchen and how to order and make better everything that has to do with an essential place for everyone in our day.

Now you have at your disposal the IKEA catalog 2017 and from NiceHomeDIY we recommend that you enter the website where you can find the full catalog and also discover how 10 experts have the solutions and experiences that have been developed for home. With the web you’ll achieve an interactive experience to explore content and have a more active and personalized decoration control.

With WEB IKEA launched on the occasion of its 2017 catalog, it offers us an outstanding digital experience redesigned for better navigation and usability. Thus, we can find moving images, useful video tutorials for assembling furniture easily and quickly and of course, little tips and ideas that inspire us in decorating our home.

In the WEB also we find more than 60 videos and 50 tips for home focused on addressing the needs of the home, an extensive photo gallery full of inspiration, and solutions 360 (with function Walk in the room ) for greater and complete visualization furniture and space, so that we can see in the first person and a virtual experience, how the furniture will look we want in the desired space.

Furthermore, the novel feature is included Place in your room q ue has more than 400 pieces that solve any doubt whether ask if the cabinet where we enter into or whether to combine with other furniture. A Web that transmits real experiences of home and lead a world full of possibilities, where we are the ones who create what we wish to see in our space, in short, what we want in our home.

And with the function Pinning & Sharing, we can share and mark photos of the products you like best.

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