Ideas to upgrade the living room with carpet

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to update the decor of any of your stays is adding a carpet or rug impressive. If you want to upgrade a large room you can be used over a carpet to create great visual effects and to create a warm and friendly welcome in any season. Need some ideas for upgrading the living room with a carpet?

A rug can define the area of ​​the living room in your living room

Separate spaces

One of the ways we can upgrade the living room carpet is defining different zones in the same room. It is important that the carpet that you use to do it is large enough to enhance the decor of the room or the bedroom where you have placed.

Similarly, before you start looking for the rug to define the spaces, you must determine the size you need so you should measure the space. Do not make the mistake of buying too small or too big carpet.

Reading area

In your living room or living room you can create a reading area by a small carpet. You can place it in a corner with puffs, cushions or couch if you will use only the area and next to a shelf with your favorite books. This way you will be defining the reading area from your carpet.

living room you can create a reading area by a small carpet

Living room

A rug can define the area of ​​the living room in your living room, I mean the area where you can relax in front of the TV or in front of the chimenea.Para it snaps, the sofa and chairs they have to be on top carpet. If the size is too large for your home, you have to choose a size that allows the front furniture legs rest on top of the carpet.

Another option for the living room with carpet is used as the centerpiece in the room and placing it in front of the sofa with the same length as the couch or the same as the larger focal piece (of furniture).


If you have a large living room you can consider creating a play corner for children in the house, so that this area is know for their games and should not leave the carpet. You can place a round, square but with motives that fit the decor of the dining table (whether or not children).

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