Mold is a fungus capable of proliferating in any space where there are minimal conditions of humidity and lack of light. I do not tell you anything about what you can do in your washing machine. If you do not keep it well you can become a ruthless colonizer that ends up impregnating in your clothes and spoiling the materials of the washing machine.

Mold is a fungus capable of proliferating in any space where there are minimal conditions of humidity and lack of light.

Your washing machine in perfect condition

Mold causes several unwanted effects in washing machine and clothes, namely:

During the washing cycles the mold can adhere to the garments. Its consequences deserve a separate chapter that we will discuss later.
The fungi of the mold produce bad odors: If the washer emits a bad smell or directly a rotting sensation, how do you intend it to proceed to leave the laundry as new?
They cause deterioration in the washing machine: These small multicellular beings have only one mission, and quite annoying indeed, the fungi want to reproduce constantly and in their process of evolution they end up taking ahead, deforming, drying, burning and tearing any material on which they locate. The rubber suffers from this uncontrollable advance and ends up losing its elasticity . Imagine the consequences … without a rubber that closes, affirms and fits well, you can have water losses. And I do not tell you anything if it’s your turn to change that rubber …

As I say, by its very nature, and by its design in folds, the rubber of the washing machine door is usually the most usual space for the generation and proliferation of mold. There is a simple but very effective trick. It consists of leaving the door wide open at the end of each wash. And if you also pass a dry cloth through the nooks and crannies of the rubber will get the problem in the middle.

The excuses not to leave the door open in a washing machine are of the type: It is that I then hit my knee when passing … In this case, walking around the house with enough lighting always comes in handy.

Of course, front-loading washing machines suffer more from this type of incident, because in their position water can accumulate and cause this vivifying effect for these small enemies of cleanliness and hygiene. The vertical load washing machines have the advantage that the water just drips from the rubber to the bottom of the drum. But do not get excited if your washing machine is the latter type. Given the carelessness of a more or less humid rubber, fungi can always appear.

Do not ruin your clothes because of mold

As I said before, mold can move from the washing machine to your clothes . In the completely humid and hot environment of a wash cycle, the mold feels completely comfortable to spread out and cling to everything that may come in contact with it.

When the mold reaches the clothing, it has three effects:

Bad smell of the garments: We can not forget that any living being, no matter how small it is, is always accompanied by an odor. Mold is more of putrefaction (normal, given its tendency to stagnant water)
Stained: And of course the mold also stains. You only have to see how is the inside of your rubber washer if you do not review it from time to time. That same mold that has so skilfully moved to your shirt, and once dried on the tenter will be displayed in all its splendor in any area of ​​the fabric.
Deterioration of the garments : Ok! You are right, you are an optimist and you think that stains can always be removed. But what you may not have in mind is how a mold is capable of spoiling the most delicate fabrics. Its almost molecular penetration can result in the total loss of a garment.

If you are not taking preventive measures (dry the rubber with a cloth or leave the door of the washing machine open), at least take further action. Nothing better than a good mid-level cycle with hot water and bleach to wipe out those small and annoying fungi.

It is not a matter of throwing bleach without order, with half a bottle of detergent may be enough.

Once the cycle is over it is always good to check how everything has been, especially the rubber. A review with a cloth through the interstices of the rubber will finish dragging much faster the mold that could resist.

When you’re finished, a new medium-duty wash cycle, with the juice well squeezed and filtered from a lemon will give you a good smell and will finish disinfecting your washing machine. Also the vinegar can serve you to complete the task of disinfection.

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