Why not reduce the havoc we are doing on the planet by learning how to make ecological and homemade cleaning products? In addition to collaborating with the environment, we can also save money during this pandemic (the no-income) period.

Currently, the use of organic products has become a global trend, but it is not in sight. This is thanks to the work of people and companies that love nature, which explains the importance of preserving and maintaining balance on the planet.

On the other hand, the industrialized products used in house cleaning, to a large extent, are characterized by being highly polluting and harmful, since they do not respect environmental conditions.

Also, in most cases, they are not recycled correctly. Being like this, they end up ending in rivers, oceans and seas, managing to kill, not only the various species of fauna, but also flora.

One of the biggest advantages of using environmental products is saving money, but not only. Being made with homemade ingredients, they are much cheaper and do not harm health or the environment.

How to make cheap and homemade cleaning products

Are you encouraged to learn how to make household cleaning products ? Here are some recipes with which you can guarantee not only an optimal economy, but also collaboration with nature decontamination.

How to make Dishwashing Detergent?


3 whole lemons;
2 glasses of water;
200 grams of coarse salt;
1 glass of vinegar;
1/4 cup of rinse aid.
Preparation method:

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and mix with the other ingredients. Place in a jar, but make it appropriate for use. Ready! This is a method of how to make household cleaning products that are most used by housewives who stopped using industrialized products.

An important observation should be made in the cases of these types of recipes. They are less polluting, but that does not mean that they are exempt from causing damage to the skin, such as allergic reactions.

With that, pay close attention when handling and applying. Always wear gloves as this will ensure your safety.

Dishwashing Detergent 2

Do you have how to make household cleaning products with low cost and low pollutant rate? Yes. Just follow the recipe below and obtain a detergent whose value is infinitely less than those sold in the markets.


1 bar of soap, preferably coconut;
Juice of 2 lemons;
1 liter of boiling water;
1 liter of water at room temperature;
4 tablespoons of ammonia (biodegradable).
Preparation method:

Chop the soap into a bar or grate, melting in the boiling water. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add the water at room temperature, along with the ammonia, mixing well. But be careful that the ammonia does not splash on the face.

Store the resulting mixture in jars and use instead of commercial detergents. You will have approximately five liters of a product, very cheap and effective.

How to make Multipurpose cleaning products?

You may be asking: How to make household cleaning products that can replace multipurpose? Here is the answer!


1 liter of boiling water;
1 tablespoon of vinegar;
1 tablespoon of ammonia;
1 tablespoon of baking soda;
1 tablespoon of boric acid.
In the water, add the vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, and boric acid. Leave packed in a tightly covered container. As a conventional product, you should keep it away from children and animals, since even being less aggressive, it still contains chemistry.

Floor Cleaning Product


1 liter of alcohol at 70º;
4 liters of water at room temperature;
1 bar of homemade soap;
A handful of eucalyptus.
Preparation method:

Leave the eucalyptus packed in alcohol for about three days, but no more than that. Boil the water together with the soap in pieces or grated so that it dissolves. Add the water and the eucalyptus smell in a bottle and you’re done!

Have you seen How to make homemade floor cleaning products with ease? Next, learn how to make fabric softener. But better than that: spending almost nothing.

How to make Cloth softener products?


5 liters of water at room temperature;
4 tablespoons of glycerin;
1 soap;
2 tablespoons of rose milk.
Preparation method:

Boil one liter of the water along with the grated or chopped soap to dissolve. Add the rest of the water with the rose milk and glycerin. Mix well, then place in a bottle.

Glass Cleaner 1


3 tablespoons of vinegar;
11 liters of water.
Preparation method:

Dilute the vinegar in the water and apply. However, if the glass is too dirty, first clean with soap and water. To keep surfaces dry, use fabric, preferably recycled cotton or newspaper.

Glass Cleaner 2


1 glass of alcohol;
2 glasses of water;
1 tablespoon of ammonia
Preparation method:

Mix the ingredients, but be careful enough. Gloves are recommended for handling as they can protect your hands from splashes. Apply the mixture with a piece of cloth or cleaning paper.

Carpet cleaner


4 parts corn flour;
2 parts borax.
Preparation method:

Mix the ingredients well and let stand for about an hour. Use below.

Bathroom Cleaner

For general bathroom cleaning: Use a brush with warm water and baking soda;
For the sinks: Pour a little vinegar and wait during the early morning, washing in the morning;

For cleaning containers: Apply the mixture of borax juice with lemon, but taking care not to splash in the eyes. Let it rest for a while and rinse. You can also use a vinegar concentrate in that case, but never both recipes together.

Ceramic Floor Cleaner


3.5 liters of water at room temperature;
1 glass of vinegar;
1 glass of ammonia
Preparation method:

In a bucket, mix the ingredients well and wash the floor as usual.

Now that you have learned how to make cheap and homemade cleaning products , don’t forget to share the article on your social networks so that more people can learn too! The economy and the preservation of nature are never too much, but pollution is!

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