2020 is about to arrive and, the best thing of releasing a new year, is that it is a completely blank sheet where you can write your life as you want. For this reason, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to consider the goals you want to achieve and start working to achieve them.

There are a wide variety of aspects in which you may want to improve, whether linked to your health, your career or your relationships with the people you love most, among many others. For example, many people set a goal to lose weight, quit smoking or find a better paid job. But there are also other types of purposes such as learning to deal with problems in a healthy way or being more tolerant of our friends and family. All of them are presented at the beginning of the year as a great dream to realize.

However, it is very common to start January very committed to our purposes and that these fade shortly. For this reason, in this article of our blog we bring you an extremely effective 7-step plan so that you organize yourself as well as possible and do not falter in the fight for your goals. It’s time to take charge of your future and achieve what you’ve always dreamed of! Continue reading!

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1. Brainstorm

Take a notebook and a pen of the color you prefer. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place and ask yourself: “What goals would I like to achieve in 2020?” Write everything that comes to mind on the blank sheet in front of you. Also ask yourself how you could get them and write your answers on the paper. For example, if your goal is related to health, such as losing weight, ask yourself questions of style: could I eat more vegetables? Could you drink 2 liters of water a day? Could you walk 30 minutes daily?

2. SMART list

Once the brainstorm is over, you must choose 2 purposes from the above list, at most 3. This is because it is better to focus on the most important objectives and not on an endless list that ends up demotivating you. We know it is a hard choice, but we give you the keys to choose your goals. It is imperative that your final purposes meet each of the features of the SMART system:

Specific: means that your goal can be specified in actions to achieve it.

Measurable: it means that the results can be verified, that is, that they are quantifiable. For example, if you have lost 2 kg, you can count, if you smoke less cigarettes a day, too.

Attainable: Make sure that your goals are realistic and that they can be truly achieved.

Relevant: It means that you have a real need to meet that goal, which will be a big change in your life.

Trackable: This feature resembles the number 3, “measurable”, but refers to being able to evaluate your progress during the pursuit of your goal. For example, are you following your action plan?

3. Put your purposes in a visible place

When you have already chosen your main purposes for 2020, make copies of your list and put them in places where you know you will see them every day. In the fridge, in the hallway, on the wall of your hall, where you think it will be more visible to you. In addition, you can give it your personal touch by printing it in colors, on cardboard, hanging photos of you around or decorating it with stickers. So, every time you see it, it will make you smile!

4. Divide your goals into small actions

A small action that you can perform every day without involving a huge effort will be more effective than not being three days in full and then abandoning. In addition, the actions we do every day end up becoming habits, something that interests you very much. For example, you can substitute the cigarette you smoke after eating for a tea or an infusion. If you want to work in a better work environment, try saying good morning “Good morning” every morning when you enter your office.

5. Program your goals

A good organization is key to achieving your new year’s goals. Therefore, it is important to break down your goals into actions that can be planned. Dedicate a calendar to schedule the actions in daily, weekly and monthly periods. Once you have done your program, start it immediately, do not leave it for the next day!

6. Diary about your progress

Keeping a diary on your way to achieve your goals will bring you many benefits. Think about writing down a positive thing that you have done or what happened to you every day. Plasma optimistic feelings on paper is a very effective technique for self-motivation.

7. Recognize your achievements and reward yourself

Avoiding discouragement is something capital, so it is necessary to celebrate your achievements, however small they may be. Congratulate yourself for every step you take, you’re already a little closer to your final goal! And, of course, you should reward yourself for it. For example, if you lose weight, buy new clothes; If you have spent the week looking for new job offers, go to the movies to disconnect. Or maybe, if there is someone nearby who is supporting you to achieve your goals, why not thank them with a bouquet of flowers ? But rewarding does not necessarily mean spending money, a reward can also be to watch a series that you love or go on a field trip with your family.

Above all, the most important thing is to have faith in your chances of success and know that the secret lies in persistence and never fainting. Are you going to carry out our action plan in 7 steps? Grab a pen and paper right now and get to it! 2020 will be your year, sure.

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