Christmas is coming and nothing better than anticipating it by thinking about how to decorate your garden with Christmas lights. The lights garden will let you create a cheerful environment and if the distribution is appropriate, will give this important area of the house the necessary privacy so you can enjoy dinners with friends and family or simply contemplate a beautiful place decorated with the Christmas spirit. The LED lights are the perfect choice for this type of venture as they consume little electricity and can be purchased in cold or warm tones as you want to create a family environment or minimalist. Do you want to know how to decorate your garden with Christmas lights? Keep reading for the best tips and recommendations on this type of decoration.

Mulberry Home Christmas Light Display – The Alexander Lights


The first thing you should do before decorating your garden with Christmas lights is to decide where you want to place them and what effect you want to achieve. The following tips will help you set your preferences:

LED lights resist contact with water and this makes them perfect for decorating the vegetation in your garden. In this sense, you can choose to highlight some plants that are exotic or, with the Christmas spirit in mind, decorate a single tree . If you want to build your Christmas tree in the garden, you will need to get white or colored lights and wrap them around the trunk and branches.

Decorate the passageways with LED lights is a good way to give it a more homey look to your home. Lights that invite, for example, to the front door or that lead to a swimming pool will give your garden a warmer appearance.

If your garden has tables and decorations, you can light them up to make them stand out. In addition, you can place Christmas centerpieces that include lights and decorative objects, such as pinecones, or you can add decorations, such as snowmen or reindeer figures, and wrap lights around them to give your garden a true Christmas decoration.


Another way to decorate your garden with Christmas lights is to illuminate the exterior of your house. Decorate the wooden fences with lights, balls and ribbons in green, red, silver and gold, and use the same criteria for the rest of the house. If you choose less traditional colors, you will be able to maintain the same decoration throughout the year.

You can hang string lights in the windows and place a wreath made from plants from your own garden on the front door. You can even use other materials to make more original crowns, such as felt and balls of wool; No matter what material you use, don’t forget to wrap the wreath in Christmas lights when you’re done putting it together.

Christmas is approaching and taking this opportunity to decorate the corners of your house is a good way to anticipate these festivities. The garden is one of the preferred environments to use lights in decoration and, in this sense, Christmas lights will give your home a very warm look. LED lights are very versatile and, as you will see, they can be used in many projects to decorate your garden.

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