Good shower: Keys to a relaxing, practical and stylish decor

It is the pending subject in many homes. And no wonder, since the relaxing bathroom shower is one of the most difficult rooms to decorate and furnish. Although what should most concern is the functionality, this does not mean we should neglect the aesthetics.

Separate toilet area personal care

Neglecting the decoration of this space of the house can be a big mistake. The bathroom is a room devoted to hygiene and personal care. Here we also relax after a long day, so that in addition to practice, should be stimulating. It must be decorated.


Decoration experts remind us of the importance of separating the different environments that exist within the bathroom, that is, we must “isolate” the toilet from the rest of space, both the sink and shower or bath. An interesting solution is to integrate the area into the bedroom grooming.
The latest trends in interior betting on a healthy lifestyle and contact with nature
But if you do not possible, it is best to opt for a discreet glass wall or a curtain. Another option may be to locate the toilet somewhere away from the bathroom area, delineating with a small step. If you do not want to complicate too, a great idea can be to separate the toilet from the rest of the space with some shelf . So in order delimitas and keep this space.

Warm and cozy materials like wood

The materials are very important in a relaxing bathroom. The latest trends in interior betting on a healthy lifestyle and contact with nature. Therefore, the wood is positioned as the most recommended for achieving ecological, sustainable and healthy home material.

The materials are very important in a relaxing bath room
Wood and natural fibers such as cotton, linen, rattan and wicker, help us create a relaxing and serene atmosphere. In addition, warmth and elegance wears a bathroom that transmits welfare. While the marble shines bring light to the environment, gaining breadth and sophistication.

General lighting and other needs

Another essential element in the bathroom is the lighting. In this space we need various types of light: a General for spot visits and other precise and intense (preferably white) in key locations, such as the vanity area or sink.

In the case of general light, our advice is to be a tenuous and warm light, not a nuisance. For example, when we got up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, and intense white light can be very annoying.
Neglecting the decoration of this space of the house can be a big mistake

The radiator near the tub

It is a detail that we do not usually worry until the autumn-winter season and thermometers begin to fall arrives. Therefore, we must not forget to place a radiator or heat source to help us create a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for those before the bath or shower in midwinter moments. Ideally , the radiator is located near the bathtub or under a window.

Finally, the final touch for an authentic spa experience without leaving home: the faucet . If we bath, we can afford a bath with foam and bubbles. But if we have no space, a shower and a shower head with massage effect can be a great option.

There are a variety of in today ‘s market shower heads that simulate all kinds of effects, which are designed to make bath time more enjoyable experience.

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