When we look at the main garden design trends 2020, each decade has its own style, influenced by the social and economic changes of the world.If we go back we will see that in the 1920s, for example, the front yard was classified as a very important space and the frontal image of the family. In front of the houses, perennials could often be seen instead of fences. The goal was to attract more nature to the home.

At the beginning of the 2000s, we lived the boom of organic products and gardening soared and came to stay. The design of smaller outdoor spaces has been a very common topic in the last twenty years. With the widespread use of the Internet, people have begun to share ideas for micro landscapes across the world, creating fusion and new landscaping designs.In a broad spectrum, the next decade will see a much greater demand for ecological landscaping that is aware of the types of materials used. With the urban jungle constantly expanding, green spaces will be increasingly coveted.

The 1990s was a very popular time for DIY projects and crafts. But, in the mid-1990s, fortunately this trend was forgotten, as people realized the amount of personal time it took to take on large projects.

Low maintenance lawn for a green lawn remains a desired symbol of a healthy home

Enriches the beauty of the property. Consumers still want that fresh green lawn as part of their outdoor oasis. Low maintenance turf will be in demand for two simple reasons. First of all, customers do not want to spend their limited free time attending a high maintenance lawn. They want to reserve this time to entertain, socialize and relax. Second, the use of water is a matter of great concern in this new decade and a low maintenance lawn should require less hydration.

There are a couple of options for consumers. Artificial grass can be quite soft and realistic. Although it is often more expensive to install than natural grass, annual savings are much greater since it is not necessary to use water or fertilizers. It is not required to mow or weed. Most artificial turf can last fifteen years or even longer.For those who are not ready to get rid of their natural lawns but want to be more sensitive to the environment, they can use drought-tolerant grass alternatives, such as micro clover and white clover. These water-friendly options can replace a full lawn or sow with normal grass to help reduce soil hydration needs.

A fire can be used throughout the year in the family home. Not only does it create a beautiful environment and a cozy appeal, but it is also a focal point for entertainment. People are naturally attracted to campfires.Fire pits may not be practical for all owners, but for those looking to add heat to their backyard, patio heaters are a popular option that can be installed in the yard.

Outdoor rooms will be a great trend in this new decade

A survey created among consumers found that about 42 percent of people use their backyards for entertainment. This will range from the use of cushions, padded chairs and sofas in outdoor seating to the creation of multifunctional patios. The courtyards can serve as a comfortable shelter, a dining room, a kitchen and the most aesthetically pleasing place to entertain. Outdoor kitchens will evolve beyond the family grill. Permanent items, from sinks to countertops, to storage will be incorporated into the backyard.

The 1960s may evoke an image of free love, in terms of design, but it is also known as the decade that focused on raising the family experience.
Pergolas will also continue to grow in popularity in 2020. Pergolas are outdoor garden structures that form shaded corridors, aisles or vertical post seating areas. This is a beautiful place to hang vines and other hanging plants. Functionally, it is an excellent area for when you need to retire from the sun. Investing in your outdoor living space guarantees that you will spend more time in nature, which is therapeutic and good for your health.

Sustainable organic gardening is a trend in the era of climate change

It is also a global movement in this ever daunting battle against climate change. This decade will see an increase in conscious decision making and reduce the power of reuse and recycling.
In addition to the obvious health benefits of growing and eating organic foods, organic gardening has many other positive aspects for the environment. Organic soil helps to nourish companion plants and animals and insects that come in contact with it.

As a society, we must embrace natural gardening. Erosion and deforestation have already removed a third of the world’s topsoil. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, if this pattern continues, the soil could disappear completely by 2050. Regenerative gardening, also known as composting, is essential. By adding organic compost to the soil, we can help rebuild soil organic matter, restore degraded soil and reduce runoff. Compost may include food, grass clippings, crushed leaves, straw and manure.

Outdoor life is no longer just for traditional owners and will definitely be one of the main design trends of the 2020 garden. With urban expansion in all major cities, more and more people are moving to condominiums and apartments, but still They want to be in touch with the outdoors, making their balconies or rooftop patios the most viable places.

Landlords should consider updating their rooftop patios

As these are extremely popular places for their tenants to entertain themselves. An excellent way to establish a rooftop entertainment area is to “pave up special pedestals, or paving jacks. These pods sit on top of the waterproof membrane on the roof and then the cobbles simply sit on the pods.The outdoor life with balcony is incredibly important for those who reside in the city. The gardens with balconies give their owners a touch of nature and can help maintain a healthy green diet.

The 1970s saw a new period of industrialization. In the landscape industry the leaf blower was invented, providing a new type of service to consumers.
This will be one of the most valuable 2020 garden design trends, especially among those living in small houses or apartments. It is a wonderful way to use space efficiently. A vertical garden is a garden that grows upwards using a trellis or similar support system. They can be used to grow plants, vegetables and flowers. Cucumber, squash and tomatoes (among many others) grow well vertically. Not to mention that harvesting crops is much easier to stand up.

For those in larger spaces, a vertical garden can be a wonderful accent fence, creating a screen between different areas. They can also be used to hide walls or areas that are not aesthetically pleasing. A vertical plant wall can successfully add a unique accent piece to your outdoor configuration.While there are many DIY methods for a vertical garden, it is better to work with a landscaper to build it in a way that is structurally safe. Many underestimate the weight and power of plant growth and a professional should advise on the best approach.

A healthy garden can attract and welcome wildlife

Bird baths can take the skies to the backyard. Birdfeeders can do the same in an apartment.With a collective change to get in touch with wildlife, butterfly gardens are also increasing their popularity. Butterflies are fabulous pollinators. Replacing the lawn with plants rich in nectar will surely attract flying

The sources are also necessary to incite these beauties. This can be done by placing a shallow dish with rocks covered halfway in water, becoming a butterfly puddle site. Again, this is a great project to consult with a landscaper, as they can provide information on the types of plants that could attract butterflies in the region.

Linear, crisp and minimalist lighting will definitely be one of the main garden design trends 2020. The lighting fixtures will be well hidden by creating a lighting projection that illuminates the area to be presented. Think of LED light channels under corridors and stairs or lights placed under landscape structures such as benches and bridges. As part of bringing the “interior” to the outside, warm LEDs and low-voltage lighting will be popular, as well as outdoor chandeliers for the seating and / or dining area. These facilities will make the outdoor house feel cozy and safe, as they increase visibility.

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