Errors in the decoration of double bedrooms

Nobody is born taught, so it’s normal that when decorating the different rooms of the home less expert commit some mistakes. Of course, keep in mind that some of these mistakes are difficult to solve and in many cases remedy is a big investment. So in nicehomediy I’ve already talked about the most typical when decorating the different rooms of the home errors. Today we will focus on the mistakes that often make when decorating bedrooms.
Enter decorative objects that interfere with the rest

Disregarding the opinion of the two

One of the major mistakes in decorating bedrooms that people make when decorating a bedroom is not taking into account the views of the two people who go to sleep in this room. The important thing is that you both feel comfortable in the room. A good trick to avoid falling into this error is not be swayed by the trends and opt for a timeless decor.

Fill the bedrooms

Another common mistake is to fill the room of many elements when in fact, the ideal is to have only the essential pieces to not saturate the space and make the place look smaller than it actually is. Also, having too much furniture, accessories and decorative objects for rest.

Choose the mattress without taking into account our needs

A very typical mistake while decorating bedrooms is to choose the mattress giving priority to factors such as price or brand, rather than the comfort and needs of each. And it must take into account that the most appropriate for a person Cochon, can not be for another. To avoid falling into this error, we recommend that you take a look at our article “How to choose the perfect mattress?”. It is exactly the same with the pillow.

Choose colors unsuitable for a relaxing break

It is important that when choosing colors for the walls and other elements of the stay we us guide by our tastes personal, but we must not make the mistake of choosing poorly suited for relaxing tones. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our article” colors to decorate the bedroom”.

Enter decorative objects that interfere with the rest

While introducing decorative elements in the room is recommended, you must be careful with some objects. For example, photographs can be aesthetically appealing, but the memories transmitted can disrupt rest. Therefore, it is more advisable to choose images that invite you to relax, for example, the landscapes. Nor mirrors are recommended, especially if they are facing the bed.

Disregarding storage

Although the main element of the bedroom is the bed, you should not make the mistake of forgetting storage, essential to keep the stay in order. If you do not have many square meters in the room, it is best to bet on practical solutions, such as beds with trundle swing and cabinets with sliding doors.

Forgetting the headboard wall

Many people also make the mistake of not decorate the wall of the headboard that really should be the focal point of the stay. For this not to happen to you, we recommend that milks out our article ” 10 ideas to decorate the headboard wall.”

Not enhance the natural light

Finally, you should know that another very common mistake is to forget natural light, which plays a key role in the bedroom. Ideally, the potencies to the fullest.

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