The wallpaper is fashionable and it is increasingly present in homes. It has become one of the main decorative trends today and the best alternative to painting, with many people who choose to decorate the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc. with wallpaper. But what about those tiled walls, like the bathroom or kitchen?

Can you put wallpaper on tiles? This is the question we all ask ourselves when we think of wallpapering the walls of our bathrooms or kitchens with the aim of renovating the decoration, and giving a new look to the conventional and boring tiles of these spaces.

The answer is yes, you can put wallpaper on tiles , but taking a number of considerations and nuances into account. It will take a little more work, since in addition to preparing the walls, you will have to use a vinyl wallpaper , but it will undoubtedly be worth it, because you can create a very personal, cozy, original and above all exclusive atmosphere.

The wallpaper adhesive is breathable, washable and leaves no bubbles once placed , which greatly facilitates installation and maintenance

If you are considering the possibility of putting wallpaper on tiles , pay attention and take note, since from Papel & Deco we give you a series of tips and guidelines for placing wallpaper on tiles , with which you will renew the appearance of your bathroom walls and cook and you will get the best results. Let’s go there!

How to put wallpaper on tiles?

Installing wallpaper on tiles is more complicated than on a plastered wall, since a preliminary work must be done to avoid imperfections . Otherwise, the result will leave much to be desired.

That is why in this post we are going to tell you everything you need to know to place wallpaper on tiles correctly , so that you can wallpaper a tiled wall and enjoy a spectacular result that even exceeds your expectations.

# 1- Prepare the wall

The tiled walls have separation joints between the tiles, therefore it is not possible to put wallpaper to cover the tiles directly , since otherwise these joints will be noticeable, obtaining a very different result than expected.

To use wallpaper on tiles, the first step will be to smooth the wall by filling in the joints between tiles . For this you will need putty and a spatula, and little by little you will fill in the joints and possible imperfections with care, until the wall is completely smooth.

If the tiles are very deteriorated, you can cover the entire tiled surface with an outdoor putty , and then apply a universal primer.

# 2- Choose the wallpaper for tiles

Once the wall is ready, it’s time to choose the tile wallpaper you want to install. They must be vinyl wallpapers , which have a layer of PVC that insulates them from water and humidity and makes them more resistant. Also, they are much easier to clean.

# 3- Use prepared vinyl glue

You have prepared the wall and chosen the tile wallpaper, and now it is the turn to place the wallpaper on tiles .

Since the tiles are not porous, a ready-made vinyl glue or powdered glue reinforced with 20% white glue must be used , which will facilitate the laying of the paper, achieve the best results and guarantee that it will not peel over time. .

From our experience, we recommend avoiding wallpapers on tiles in areas of water , such as the area of ​​the sink or shower, since in these areas the paper will spoil sooner than it should, since splashes occur and there are high humidity levels .

If you are still willing to take the risk and are determined to put paper in areas of water, you could install a piece of methacrylate on the paper , to avoid it getting too wet. It will look great and will provide greater resistance!

The best option on the wallpaper market is fiberglass and resin finish coatings , which are much more resistant and durable for areas in direct contact with water, as they are designed to cover exterior walls. The problem is that these coatings have a higher price, which may not be suitable for all pockets. Consult us in case they are of interest to you .

At Papel & Deco we have a wide variety of wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom tiles , which will offer you excellent results.

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