For the owners of hardware stores and kitchenware stores in which home decoration products are sold, covid-19 has not been a brake; if not the opposite, sales have increased considerably. The current crisis has forced many businesses to reinvent themselves and, in the face of low productivity, look for highly efficient alternatives to meet demand, such as hardware and household items. The objective will always be to satisfy the market requirements in the best way and in a very short time. It is a win-win in which both parties get what they want: the customer receives what he needs and the brand is positioned for its quick solutions.

Benefits of dropshipping for hardware stores

That is precisely what hardware dropshipping is about , a very complete alternative that facilitates the buying and selling process for this type of business at times when stores cannot physically open or have limitations in terms of customer volume. The term refers to delivering a package and, therefore, it is a powerful sales method that can meet any need even if you do not have the material in stock. The hardware store charges in advance at the time the customer places the order and this is delivered directly to the supplier, who gathers the items and presents it to the home within the specified period for delivery.

Why is dropshipping for you?

This wonderful system, which has helped many hardware stores to stay in the market and continue with their sales, allows you to offer thousands of products and, with it, meet the requirements of your customers. In a conventional winery, it would be impossible for you to have so many products in stock. There is no rack that makes it possible! However, the hardware comparator or software can find everything that your client has asked for and contact the supplier so that the shipment can be made in the shortest possible time. Your client cancels through the internet or through your point of sale and you or your salespeople can argue or prescribe the most necessary within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Advantages of the system

Fixed cost reduction. You do not need to open a store, pay rent and all the services that this implies, such as the hiring of personnel and coverage of the benefits in terms of recruiting human talent. Dropshipping makes it easy for you to work from an internet connection and receive requests from your customers, by creating an ecommerce platform that represents your brand.

Catalog renewal. Unlike physical stores, you do not have to be stuck forever with the same selection of items, since this system allows you to be in constant change, depending on the demand index. For example, adopting the AFT group as a wholesale dropshipping hardware store can be a great benefit for your business, since you will have access to permanent updates of its wide range of products, including detailed descriptions, images and technical data.

Online and physical provision. If you are the owner of a hardware store in a commercial premises, but, due to covid-19, you have also launched an online store, the AFT group simplifies the process of fulfilling your orders, enhancing the power of ecommerce so that your customers have access to a complete inventory of the highest quality. Also, thanks to this excellent system, you can start your own SME if that is what you want.

Personalization. You have the opportunity to generate seasonal prices and exclusive offers for your clients. As a dropshipping hardware wholesaler, the AFT group knows that it is important for you that shipments are neutral to protect the image of your store, for this reason take care of the detail of the package, comply with shipments responsibly and identify each order so that Get to your destination safely.

Shipment management. The only task you should worry about is generating sales, since the rest of the process, until the order reaches your client, is the responsibility of the AFT group. In the case that you already have your own online hardware store, this company has an automatic shipping service, as well as updating CSV files to incorporate their products into your catalog of items. Everything is simpler, faster and more efficient!

Ready to open your own retail business? The hardware business addresses different areas, such as DIY, construction and decoration, but, regardless of the sector in which you focus, it is essential that you consider hiring a dropshipping service, as it will transform your investment into profitability long-term.

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