Do air purifiers help with allergies?

Air purifiers are devices that are used to eliminate any substance, particle or toxic residue that is present in the air of an enclosure in order to make it more habitable so that the air that is breathed is fresh and healthy.

There are different types of air purifiers, some are specialized for specific tasks while others are somewhat more universal.


Air purifiers are really effective devices when it comes to making our home a healthy space in many ways. With regard to allergies, thanks to its integral disinfection of the atmosphere we can enjoy a clean, allergy-proof air.
Before entering into the issue of allergies, it is important to understand the integral work carried out by these environmental treatment devices and, on the other hand, to specify what kind of devices we are talking about.

An ideal combination of technologies

When choosing the technologies that best complement each other to optimize the results of an air purifier it will be important to have quality filters.

Especially if we want to deal with allergies, HEPA type filters are required. Its great advantage lies in the capacity to retain particularly small particles. Therefore, it allows us to clean the atmosphere more effectively, especially those that tend to be more harmful.

In this way, these particles are trapped in the HEPA filter, which in turn should be complemented with other filters such as the activated carbon filter, and ideally also with others such as titanium and various prefilters. Other cutting-edge technologies in environmental disinfection that we also find in these devices will do their job to further improve the results. They are the technologies of ozone, ultraviolet rays and ionization, fundamentally. In this way, it will be easy to carry out an anti-allergy treatment, which purifies the atmosphere by destroying pollen, mites, dust and pathogens of all kinds.

With the added advantage, in addition, that it is a cleaning that also ends with bad odors, without adding waste of any kind. Simply smell clean, without more, which also avoids the use of air fresheners and other products of chemical composition. We speak of a performance without side effects for health or the environment, which means, among other things, that they are healthy treatments, perfect for sensitive people with allergy problems.

Types of air purifiers

There are different types of air purifiers, some are specialized for specific tasks while others are somewhat more universal.

– Air purifier for allergic: They are designed for the protection of health, sucking especially the dust particles that are usually the cause of so many allergies.

– Car air purifier: They are a little smaller than the others and are powered by the car’s electricity.

– Air purifier with water: These are sucking the dirt and have a small tank with water in which the waste accumulates, without risk of re-emergence.

– Air purifier for tobacco : Its function, more than to eliminate dust particles, is to suck tobacco smoke so that smoking does not mean a nuisance.

– Air purifier vacuum cleaner: There are several ways in which you can purify the air, however the vacuum is the most common of all.

– Anti-mite air purifier : They are special for asthmatic people. Its filters are characterized by being very sharp, getting mites to be captured.

– Silent air purifier : These air purifiers do not emit any type of sound, preventing them from generating discomfort in the place where they have been fixed.

Air Purifiers and Allergies

We can program a manual treatment in delicate situations, such as the entrance of pollen, the presence of dust mites, pet hairs, tobacco, etc.

A quality air to minimize allergies

Beyond the allergens, the air purifiers carry out a deep cleaning of the atmosphere. Not in vain, the technologies that are part of it are the best for this purpose.

In turn, therefore, they will be ideal for the whole family, since a healthy domestic habitat should be a priority objective in every home. Especially when allergies sometimes arise in contaminated environments, which also helps us to prevent them.

But what preventive effectiveness will we achieve? This aspect is very variable, since the answer depends on each case, and even the same person can be more or less allergic at one time or another. An air purifier will significantly improve the indoor air quality of our home, where necessary. It will be enough to put it to work in one or another room of the home to obtain an air of quality practically.

Thanks to the different programs or applications of standard type, in which the technologies work together, we can carry out a continuous treatment by means of their regular action in automatic mode. At the same time, it is possible to perform shock treatments that will be especially suitable for people allergic to sanitize the air at key moments of greater pollution.

It will be possible, for example, to program or perform a manual treatment in sensitive situations, such as the entrance of pollen after ventilating the room in the spring, an important presence of dust mites, pet hairs, tobacco, aggressive domestic cleaners, varnishes, paint, glues, molds, spores and a long etcetera of other possible sources of allergies.

In other words, the use of a modern air purifier that includes this set of technologies provides us with a very useful tool to combat allergies.

It will not always be an infallible solution, that will go ahead, but we will notice a big difference when it comes to breathing, as well as a reduction in the typical symptoms of allergies.

In many cases it will be enough to avoid more allergic crisis and in others it will become a great ally to minimize the feared allergic episodes and even to reduce the dose of allergy-specific medication.

On the other hand, the sanitation of the environment that is achieved with the regular use of these devices reduces the likelihood of contracting or spreading viruses, among others that cause respiratory problems. With this, allergies will also be less complicated, since they usually also have respiratory difficulties, in addition to the benefit that this entails in a home understood as a place of coexistence where we can easily contract diseases, simply by being close.

Thinking of everything, environmental purification also achieves greater comfort and well-being by eliminating germs and odors, equally beneficial to health. This lower environmental stress will help us indirectly to prevent those allergic attacks that are triggered as a result.

For the reasons mentioned, the choice of equipment is fundamental. Basically, we must look for those that allow us to take a great advantage of both its effectiveness and safety, without forgetting the importance of other factors. Among them, the durability of the device, a minimum energy consumption and an affordable maintenance, as well as easy handling and features adapted to our needs.

The equipment that meets all these requirements is state-of-the-art and affordable for all budgets. Above all, let’s make sure that they include different technologies of maximum efficiency in air disinfection, such as those indicated, if we want to make a suitable purchase to combat allergies. Simply, it is about making a small health investment that will surely thank the whole family.

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