DIY Cleaning tips: How to clean a refrigerator well

How much time do you spend cleaning the home? Surely the kitchen takes a good percentage of that time. And there are many things to clean … the oven, the plate, the bell … These appliances accumulate fat by cooking food and require a thorough cleaning. But also in the kitchen is also the refrigerator , the appliance that we use every day and is 365 days a year on.

There we store food, and therefore it is more necessary if its interior is clean. But we do not always have the time we would like to dedicate ourselves to these tasks. Do not worry, you’re not the only one who lacks hours a day. Therefore, in this post we have compiled a series of tips to make it easier. Courage, you have to take these tasks with enthusiasm.

To clean them we wet a cloth in water and vinegar , and we review the joints with care and paying attention to the folds

Is it necessary to turn off the refrigerator while cleaning it?

It is not necessary to clean the interior, disconnect the refrigerator from the current. Now if you calculate that you are going to dedicate a lot of time and you will do a deep cleaning, you will save your energy consumption and you may notice it in the electric bill.

Empty the refrigerator

Do not fall into the temptation to clean the inside of the refrigerator depending on the free holes. The best and most recommended is to completely empty the interior . Also, this way you will not contaminate the rest of the food.

When you go to do the cleaning, try not to have many frozen foods. In this case, you must take care not to break the cold chain . You should keep it in another freezer, although it is not usual to have two devices of this type in a house. So this is a good time to remove the foods that are left at the bottom of the refrigerator and that we do not use. Some of them may be outdated. It’s time to throw them away.

Remove shelves

The best way to clean these accessories is to remove them completely, at least every so often. Until then, and if the refrigerator is not very dirty, we can clean them with a cloth when they are placed.
Once removed we can clean them in the sink with soap and water , or the usual detergent, or even wash them in the dishwasher if they fit. We also take the opportunity to clean the slots where they are placed.

Do not forget the door seals

In a cleaning they go unnoticed but they also require a bit of our time. They should be dry so that no mold appears. To clean them we wet a cloth in water and vinegar , and we review the joints with care and paying attention to the folds. If there are stains embedded, we can help with a brush.

What product do I use to clean the interior?

In the market we will find many products to clean appliances, and in this case the refrigerator. But there are some that never fail. We are talking about vinegar, lemon or bicarbonate , natural products that have always been used for cleaning and that are very effective.
In a spray can we can prepare a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon. For every three quarters of water we add one vinegar, and add a splash of lemon juice. Clean the interior of the refrigerator, let it act and clean it with a cloth.
With this homemade mix we also clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator.
We can also use a mixture of water and baking soda. We spread the dough through the refrigerator, let it act and remove with a damp cloth. In this way, we also disinfect the refrigerator.

And the freezer?
Let’s go now with the freezer of a Combo refrigerator . For this we remove the drawers and clean in the sink.

Finally, so that your refrigerator is free of odors, we can place a homemade air freshener. Try placing a lemon cut in half at the bottom of one of the trays. If the smell of lemon seems strong, you can use a cup of baking soda , which you can use for everything. Your refrigerator will be that perfect. Until it touches again clean it. Unfortunately, they have not yet invented refrigerators that clean themselves, as they do with ovens. Everything will come. I hope.

Do we turn off the fridge on vacation?

Yes it is a good option, although everything will depend on the time we are going to be outside. If the stay is going to be prolonged for many days, it is best to empty the refrigerator, unplug it and leave the doors open . This way we will avoid bad odors and the formation of mold.

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