5 practical DIY to take advantage of the summer

Summer is here! It is time to set up your home to enjoy free time. You can do this tune to fill your house with your own hands charm, what more could you want? That is why today, we bring you several DIY to take your free time to make some improvements to enjoy the maximum of summer.

A table for the balcony

Who does not like to have breakfast on the balcony in the cool of the morning, with a coffee, the press, and a croissant? If you have a terrace or a small balcony, and you do not fit a traditional table, you can always choose to make yourself a convenient corner table that fits in any corner. If you feel like it, here is the tutorial.

The best way to give your own style to your balcony is to use cushions, blankets and textiles in general.

Decorate your trays

Since you have prepared a beautiful corner table to have breakfast or take the aperitif on the terrace, and if you decorate also a tray to be able to get the coffee, or snack on the terrace? By following these simple steps , you can transfer an image as summery as these tropical leaves to have a precious and totally personalized tray .

A touch of light for the house

The light boxes are fashionable, to decorate and give a touch of comfort to our home, or to illuminate a candy bar or a corner at any party you organize this summer. If you do not want to buy a box of light already made, and you prefer to get down to work, here are all the steps to follow to light the warm summer nights.

A Hanging Garden at Home

Having flowers and plants throughout the year is important to give the touch of color, bring nature closer to your day to day. But if you also have some fresh flowers in a vase, or have a few pots on the balcony or on the window ledge, you want to prepare a different composition for this summer, here you have this hanging garden . You can locate it on the terrace, on a wall of the garden or even as part of the decoration of the interior of the house, following these easy directions .

A DIY bicycle organizer

You can always prepare a handy bike organizer to put them in order on the porch. With some woods, a little paint, some tools, and this tutorial , you can prepare this DIY car park in which you can also save helmets and other useful items.

We hope you have enjoyed these DIY so you can go do this summer, without hurry, but without pause!

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