The chair is a type of furniture that serves as an accommodation and has a backrest of three or four supports. The vast majority of them are made of different materials, they can be made of wood, iron, plastic, or even a combination of several materials to make it more original. We begin to cite the main types of chairs and their historical evolution.

Types of chairs

Types of chairs

We find different types of chairs according to their usefulness. These are the most frequent:

a) Chairs for children

They are chairs that carry wheels and serve to transport the car to move the child and walk. Its support can be regulated and among its features we find a tray at the bottom that allows you to place the utensils that children may need, such as pacifiers, toys and other objects that take more than a hurry to parents.

b) Office chairs

They are those used to work in offices, such as those offered by Ofisillas . The height of the chair can be regulated by a lever and there is also another backrest that allows you to recline the person’s position and adapt it to your spine. It is ideal to avoid back problems suffered by people who work sitting.

c) Car seats

They are the ones that the little ones in the house need until they reach a certain age to be able to travel or move with the car. This chair is not nonsense since we must pay attention to any unforeseen events that may occur and have controlled the rule that governs each country on this matter. Depending on the model of the chair or the age of the creature can be placed front or back and always fixed by the seat belt, in addition to the chair’s own brooches.

d) Folding chair

It is a wooden chair that can be folded in a very easy way and without taking up any space. They are not commonly used because they are usually used in sporting or festive events such as dance parades, birthday parties or fairs.

e) Rocking chair

It is made of wood and with a suitable edge so that a person can move back and forth. They are ideal for hotels that offer peace of mind to their clients, for rest time and to reassure a baby and get him to sleep.

Types of historical chairs

a) Dantesca

It has its origin in the 19th century in Italy and is a mixture of different old chairs.

b) Library chair

The seat resembles the riding seat and is made of leather. Its name is because it can be adjusted in a way that allows the support of a book in the backrest. The style is spectacular and we find its origin in the 18th century in England.

c) Comb chair

Its back has a concave appearance and with styles that contain small semicircles. The origin of this chair dates back to Spain between the 18th and 19th centuries. These are just some of the main chairs that have been part of our history and in the present. Can you think of any more?

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